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Jan 28 2023

RoboTask v9.4.3.1102 (x64)

RoboTask v9.4.3.1102 (x64)


RoboTask v9.4.3.1102 (x64) | 177 MB | Language: English

RoboTask is a macro automation software that can easily automate any series of tasks without writing code. The program allows to easily create simple macros, as well as highly complex automations, involving conditional logic, loops, custom variables and other advanced options.

Wide range of automation abilities
RoboTask comes with 260+ actions high-flexibility actions available in such categories as:
automation of work with files and folders;
keyboard and mouse macro recorder;
emulation of mouse and keyboard actions;
automated FTP/SFTP/FTPS file transfer (upload, download, synchronize);
email POP3/IMAP/SMTP automation (checking, sending and retrieving);
SQL database automation;
working with Excel;
web automation (fill web forms, web actions);
working with images (convert, resize, crop, flip, watermark, etc.)
working with clipboard, system registry, processes, regular expressions, etc.;
built-in HTTP web server with WebSockets support;
integration with Python, jаvascript, Powershell;
and much more!
Best replacement for the standard Windows Task Scheduler
You can create a scheduled macro that runs one or more tasks at specified times and specify a regular interval (run every N seconds, minutes, hours, or days). But RoboTask is not just a good replacement for Windows Scheduler or Linux CRON. Practically anything that happens on your computer can trigger RoboTask to perform an action. For instance:
hotkey or keyboard shortcut;
file monitor (when a particular file is created, deleted, changed, or renamed);
window watcher (when a window is created, activated, closed, and so forth);
changing connected devices;
when a user logs on and off;
process watcher (when a specific process started or exited);
in case of high CPU load or RAM usage;
clipboard watcher;
http/websocket server;
and more.
Flexibility and unlimited expandability
In addition to the rich set of existing capabilities, the functionality of RoboTask can be easily extended using scripting languages. RoboTask has built-in support and integration with such popular scripting languages as Python, jаvascript, Powershell. And to start enjoying these benefits, you don’t have to install any additional services. The only thing you need is RoboTask!
Availability and Ease of use
After such a long list of possibilities, RoboTask may seem like something very complex and confusing to some people, like a cockpit of a jet plane. But that is not the case, we have carefully designed the user interface and paid special attention to every little detail. And we can say for sure that RoboTask is equally available both to ordinary users without programming skills and to advanced users and IT professionals.
Home computer, workstation or server
RoboTask can run as standalone application and/or as a Windows service, which allows it to perform the assigned tasks regardless of whether a user is logged in or not.
Besides, using the built-in network capabilities, you can make RoboTask instances running on different computers and servers interact, both in the same local network and on the Internet.
A long and rich history
The first release of RoboTask appeared more than twenty years ago. And it has gone through an impressive development path during this time, it has turned from a simple assistant for PC users into a powerful system for automating a huge number of tasks.
Various companies and institutions in different industries have found a way for RoboTask, and use it both on their employees’ workstations and install RoboTask on their servers to automate processes in 24/7 mode.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 (x64)
2Gb RAM and approx. 500MB of free disk space.

Homepage: https://robotask.com/






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