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Jan 28 2023

PackVol v3.8.0

PackVol v3.8.0


PackVol v3.8.0 | 14 MB | Language: English

packVol is an Optimization Software for Load Planning, designed to plan the best space utilization inside containers and trucks. It is an innovative software for MS Windows™, with unique features not found in other container loading software, which allows you to efficiently manage complex load planning problems.

Reduce transportation costs. Increase efficiency.
packVol helps Companies reduce freight costs and time wastes in setting up cost-effective load plan proposals for customers / suppliers. The software adapts easily to the most diverse load planning needs: pallets, racks, trucks, containers, railroad cars.
Improve space utilization, reduce transportation costs by 5%-20%.
Reduce significantly time spent on planning and drafting of orders.
Improve efficiency by enforcing a strict policy on loading procedures.
Simplify exchange of information – improve readability of load planning documentation.
System Requirements:
Requirements and Installation
packVol requires no particular hardware and has been tested on Windows™ XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and equivalent Windows Server™ systems.
The program can be operated on other Operating Systems in virtualized environment. It is currently used on VMWare™, Oracle VirtualBox™, Parallel Desktop™ host platforms.
To work in visual mode a graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration is recommended. Screen resolutions lower than 1024×768 are not supported.

Homepage: https://www.packvol.com/






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