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Oct 07 2022

VectorStyler v1.1.060 (Portable)

VectorStyler v1.1.060 (Portable)


VectorStyler v1.1.060 (Portable) | 171 MB | Language: English

Professional illustration software. VectorStyler is an advanced illustration and drawing software. Create illustrations, logos, icons, drawings, typography, vector art for screen, print and web.

All the drawing tools without subscriptions
VectorStyler provides a complete set of drawing, design and illustration tools necessary for modern design. With its numerous new features , VectorStyler redefines and extends the tools available for illustrators and designers, improving the creation of complex illustrations and designs.
Guidelines at any Angle
Create and rotate guidelines at any angle. Objects will snap correctly to rotated guidelines, considering the object shape and guideline direction.
Vector Brushes
Paint with real scalable vector brushes. The vector brush shape and content remain editable. Create vector brushes from artwork, and dynamically link brush content to editable artwork. Import AI brush collections.
Create frame or point text for advanced typography. Flow text in and around any shape, and balance multiple columns inside a text frame. Use multi-line paragraph composer for better text justification.
Shape Effects
Apply non-destructive shape effects to vector objects, groups and point text. Edit the shape effect parameters interactively, or set them in the Shape Effect panel. Create envelope, mesh, elastic warp and other distortions, or dynamically offset the shape of objects.
Path Sketching
Create shapes using the Path Sketch tool. Sketches are dynamically intersected and merged. Extract from, or extend existing shapes using the sketch tool. Merge multiple shapes using path sketching.
Trim and Join
Use the trim and join tool to cut and merge intersecting shapes. Shapes can be joined at their intersection points. The trim and join tool also uses intersections with guidelines.
Text on Path
Place and edit text on any shape. The text on path alignment can be linked to the shape, to dynamically update as the shape is changed. Drag the baseline of a point text into a curve using the Node tool. Text on path can use the bend effect for smooth glyph distortions.
Open Native AI
Open or import native Adobe Illustrator CC and CS files (not just PDF), retaining high level artwork attributes. Vector brushes, tiling patterns, gradients are also imported.
Shape Effects
Create and edit non-destructive shape effects on objects or groups of objects. Shape effects can be used to adjust the shape of objects, creating various distortions or adding detail to shapes. Shape effect parameters can be edited interactively on the canvas. Use parametric distortion effects to change the shape of objects. Create mesh, envelope or elastic warp effect for fine tuned warp distortions. Create dynamic offsets of shapes and edit the offset distances interactively on canvas. Use the Shape Effects panel to create and edit multiple effects on selected objects.
Shape Bending Effect
The shape bending effect stretches the objects along an editable shape, using variable width profile to control the width along the shape. The shape used in bending can be edited with the Node tool, and additional options can be set in the Shape Effects panel.
Elastic Warp Effect
The elastic warp shape effect can be used to distort shapes by moving pin-points on a mesh grid. The mesh can be edited with the Node tool, or using the shape effect editor tool of the Shape Effects panel. Additional options can be set in the Shape Effects panel.
Displacement Effect
The displacement effect uses an image to displace vectors of a group of objects. The displacement image can any image imported into the document, or any group of objects. The vector shapes are displaced according to the intensities of the image.
Image Effects
Add live image effects to vector objects and groups. Select from over 100 image effects, each with multiple options. Image effects are non-destructive, and can be changed or removed at any time. Adjust image effect parameters interactively on canvas, for better visual control. Image effects can be created and edited using the Image Effects panel. All image effects are live, with the vector objects and shapes remaining editable. Combine multiple image effects to create custom filters compositions. Import and use SVG filter compositions directly from the Image Effects panel.
Operating System: Windows 10, 11



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