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Sep 10 2022

Solid Angle Cinema 4D to Arnold v4.3.1 (x64)

Solid Angle Cinema 4D to Arnold v4.3.1 (x64)


Solid Angle Cinema 4D to Arnold v4.3.1 (x64) | 5.45 GB | Language: English

The software developer Solid Angle announced the launch of Arnold (C4DtoA) 4.3.1 for Cinema4D. This update uses Arnold and is a minor feature release making AOV setup easier from the IPR window, bringing support for overrides in SDS Weight tag and a number of other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Updated AOV menu in the IPR window:New options are added to AOV menu in the IPR window toolbar to edit active AOVs in the scene (Setup AOVs…) and control whether all active AOVs or only the selected one is rendered (Render All AOVs). Presets are removed from the menu. (C4DTOA-2789)

Changed behavior of adding new imager in the IPR Window:When adding a new imager from the Post panel of the IPR window, it is now inserted after the selected imager, instead of added to the end of the list. (C4DTOA-2787)
Bug Fixes
– C4DTOA-2788 – Can not change AOV in the IPR window when the render is stopped
– C4DTOA-2798 – Wrong IPR update when stacking Node Materials
– C4DTOA-2799 – Custom output connected to Node Material alpha root port is ignored
– C4DTOA-2801 – Sampling is disabled in the Node Material ramp shaders
– C4DTOA-2802 – S26 License Manager fails to start on Windows if C4DtoA is installed
– C4DTOA-2803 – Deleting lambert shader while interactive rendering freezes Cinema 4D
– ARNOLD-10677 – smart opaque did not work on ginstances when source mesh is hidden
– ARNOLD-12486 – Rocky 8 linux crash in kick on startup
– ARNOLD-12487 – Crash when application exits
– ARNOLD-12508 – Camera visible cylinder lights sometimes disappear when animate
– ARNOLD-12544 – “Free Render” not initializing geometries in non-default universes
– usd#1220 Fail to override output filename when AOVs are duplicated
– usd#1234 Fix udim with relative paths
– usd#1247 Check if texture path is empty before trying to resolve it
– usd#1238 Crash in the procedural with varying instance count
– usd#1241 UsdUvTexture should always have ignore_missing_textures enabled
– usd#1245 Read material bindings in the full purpose
– usd#1252 Connect the UsdPreviewSurface opacity into arnold transmission
– usd#1253 Add GeometryLight in CreateFallbackSprim
– usd#1240 Don’t remap vertex primvars for pinned curves
– usd#1269 Fix visibility of instanceable prims under a point instancer hierarchy
– usd#1272 Avoid prefixing the primvars before getting their value for converting them to builtin parameter
Arnold is an advanced cross-platformrendering library, or API, developed by Solid Angle and used by a number of prominent organizations in film, television and animation, including Sony Pictures Imageworks. It was developed as a photo-realistic, physically-based ray tracing alternative to traditional scanline based rendering software for CG animation.
Arnold uses cutting-edge algorithms that make the most effective use of your computer’s hardware resources: memory, disk space, multiple processor cores, and SIMD/SSE units.
The Arnold architecture was designed to easily adapt to existing pipelines. It is built on top of a pluggable node system; users can extend and customize the system by writing new shaders, cameras, filters and output driver nodes, as well as procedural geometry, custom ray types and user-defined geometric data. The primary goal of the Arnold architecture is to provide a complete solution as a primary renderer for animation and visual effects.
Arnold renderer
Arnold for Cinema4D (C4DtoA)supports most Cinema 4D features such as instances, cloners, deformers, generators, MoGraph geometry, hair, and ThinkingParticles. It also supports both animation and single frame distributed rendering in Team Render, allowing the use of all computers in a local network to speed-up Arnold rendering. Third-party plugins TurbulenceFD and X-Particles are natively supported, allowing artists to render high quality smoke, fire, and particle effects with fully interactive feedback. Other features include volume rendering with OpenVDB, a node-based material editor and a comprehensive list of shaders and utilities, including vertex maps and per-face materials.
HOW TO Realistic Shaders in Cinema 4d and Arnold | Plastic, Wood, Concrete and Metal | Tutorial
Solid AngleSL is the technology company behind the Arnold rendering software, with offices in Madrid and London and customers throughout the world including Framestore, DreamWorks, ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, The Mill, Mikros Image and Rising Sun Pictures. Arnold was designed from the ground up to efficiently raytrace the complex geometric datasets required for feature-length CGI animation and big budget visual effects, while at the same time simplifying the pipeline, reducing the number of passes, minimizing storage requirements and greatly enhancing interactivity for lighting artists.

Product:Solid Angle Cinema4D to Arnold
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.arnoldrenderer.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows / macOs / Linux *
Size:5.45 Gb


Homepage: https://www.arnoldrenderer.com






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