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Sep 02 2022

OpenText Exceed TurboX v12.0.4 (x64)

OpenText Exceed TurboX v12.0.4 (x64)


OpenText Exceed TurboX v12.0.4 (x64) | 923 MB

The Open Text Inc. development team is pleased to announce the availability of Exceed TurboX (ETX) 12.0.4. This solution enables modern hybrid work with secure virtual desktops and virtual applications.

As remote work has become the new normal, remote access to business-critical software has become the norm and needs to be supported on any platform and any device. With OpenText™ Exceed TurboX (ETX) 12.0.4, OpenText is introducing a new universal client for remote access from any platform and any device. The performance of remote access to Windows has been improved and there are multiple other improvements for the Windows platform. The ETX client software has been improved to receive remote audio like system notification sounds, video sound and similar. For better scalability web access management (WAM) can now be used for load balanced remote access. And there are many other little enhancements in ETX 12.0.4 as well.
Universal client
Remote work is here to stay. Users need access to all systems from anywhere to centralized applications in the cloud, in data centers or on-prem in the office. Exceed TurboX provides the necessary performance to access professional software on Linux and Windows from anywhere. This includes graphically demanding software like 2D and 3D product design and architectural software for example.

Detailed view on how columns can be turned on/off in grid views.
Exceed TurboXis a high-performance remote-access solution that empowers a truly global workforce, providing access to UNIX, and Microsoft Windows desktops and applications through the web or corporate WAN. This improves the reach of your enterprise applications and allows for data center consolidation to reduce costs and increase security. Exceed TurboX offers granular settings for remote file, printing and clipboard access which can make sure no bit of information leaks outside the data center. Many verticals are using Exceed TurboX to deploy their graphically demanding software to their users. Verticals include Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Manufacturing, Architectural Engineering, Oil& Gas, Utilities and many more. Employing a remote access infrastructure and global datacenters enables cost savings with a quick Return on Investment.
OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX) provides high-speed access to graphical applications and desktops running on X11 and Windows hosts. ETX provides a central location for IT to securely deploy applications running on a variety of server platforms, including physical workstations and virtualized environments to a managed list of users across the globe.
Remote Access Introduction – OpenText Exceed TurboX
Open Text Inc.provides enterprise information management solutions. The Company offers platform and developer extensions, process suites, emailing, content and records management, B2B integration, and business planning and modeling solutions. Open Text serves customers worldwide.

Product:OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX)
Version:12.0 SP4 (
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.opentext.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Linux *
Size:923.7 mb


Homepage: https://www.opentext.com






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