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Dec 15 2022

NI AWR Design Environment v22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2) (x64)

NI AWR Design Environment v22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2) (x64)


NI AWR Design Environment v22.1 (17.01r Build 17442 Rev2) (x64) | 689 MB | Language: English

Frequencies and high frequencies such as amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, and more. is . AWR Design Environment is one of the specialized telecom group software that is suitable for engineers and students in telecommunications and electronics, as well as all those who work in the field of RF and Microwave circuits. The AWR Design Environment consists of three different tools. The powerful tools are fully integrated in the AWR Design Environment, which makes it impossible to leave the application environment for use during operation. The VSS program enables you to design End-to-End communication systems. Analyze. You can design systems consisting of modulated signals in this section.

The NI AWR Design Environment V14 platform focuses on all stages of RF/microwave design with new features and enhancements to address the challenging component and system performance requirements of next-generation wireless devices, communications and radar systems.

V14 (inclusive of Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM, and Analyst™ software) is available now and introduces a new network synthesis wizard for impedance matching of multi-band amplifiers and front-end components, advanced design editing/selection for fast EM verification of imported RF/mixed-signal PCBs, as well as the industry’s first phased array generation wizard for antenna-array design. Additionally, further enhancements in EM analysis, design flow automation, and usability deliver greater productivity and design success to customers.

Different parts of the software AWR Design Environment
This section allows you to design and analyze telecommunication systems, channel blocks, coded schemes and simulate them by VSS receivers and transmitters. You can choose, based on the analysis you need, to display the curves of BER, Constellation, power spectra and …. The VSS tuner has the time to adjust the layout and immediately see the effect of the changes.

Microwave Office
This division is made up of two Microwave Office MWO and Microwave Office AO subunits and it is possible to design circuitry combining schematic and magnetic structure with the AWR simulation engine, which includes linear simulators, advanced and nonlinear harmonic simulators, and electromagnetic simulators. Gives you This tool gives you the graphical results of the analysis and allows you to reflect plans directly on the project, according to available reports, optimizations and changes.

3D Planar Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis
This tool allows users to analyze, optimize, and easily describe Passive components in various departments such as RF PCBs, Modules, LTCCs, MMICs, RFICs, Antennas. Using this section, less time is spent on design.

3D FEM Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis
Using this tool, users can view designs drawn by other tools in 3D and, if necessary, optimize and modify design circuits and output data.

Features and Features of AWR Design Environment
– No need to leave the main program environment
– Design of power amplifiers (rf power amplifier)
– Design, analysis of End-to-End communication systems
– Oscillator design
– Design and simulation of RF circuits and high frequency

System Requirements
-Windows 10 (x64)
-Windows 8.1 (x64)
-Windows 7 SP1 (x64)

Minimum Hardware
-64-bit CPU with AVX support
-2+ GB available disk space

Preferred Hardware
-Best in market CPU (multi-core, 64-bit)
-16+ GB RAM*

Homepage: https://www.cadence.com/ko_KR/home/tools/system-analysis/rf-microwave-design/awr-design-environment-platform.html






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