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Sep 19 2022

FastMove v1.2022.114.44

FastMove v1.2022.114.44


FastMove v1.2022.114.44 | 19 MB | Language: English

Transfer Data Between PCs in a Hassle-Free Way. Move your files, folders, software, and settings to your new Windows computer with FastMove!

Fast and Lossless Data Migration for Windows PCs
Got a new computer and want to transfer all your files, folders, software and settings to it? While you can use a simple USB drive to move files between two computers, transferring all your settings, software and drivers without any data loss is a different matter. Whether you’re moving data to a new computer or upgrading to an SSD, FastMove makes data migration fast, easy and reliable.
Move Programs to Your New Computer
Installing all your software on your new computer takes a lot of time and effort. With FastMove, you won’t have to re-download and reinstall all your software one by one, and then spend hours configuring all the settings. Simply select which applications you want to transfer to your new PC and leave the rest to FastMove.
Migrate User Accounts and Settings
When you start using a new computer, you may find that things don’t work the way you like. To fix that, you could customize Windows settings from scratch or use FastMove to migrate all user accounts and settings from the old PC to the new one. This way you’ll seamlessly transfer your user data, passwords, desktop settings, and more. Your setup will easily make its way to the new PC.
Transfer Device Drivers
FastMove takes the hassle out of installing drivers for your devices on your new Windows computer. Simply select the drivers you want to move and FastMove will do the rest. You’ll be able to use all your devices out of the box without any driver conflicts whatsoever.
Move Your Custom Files and Favorites
With FastMove, you won’t have to upload your files to the cloud or copy them to a USB drive to transfer them. All your custom files, folders, and even browser favorites will be moved to the new PC in one go. It’s fast, efficient, and 100% reliable.
Keep Your Folders in Sync
If you have a feeling that you’ve lost track of your files and folders, FastMove’s Sync Folders tool will put things right. With its help, you can sync and merge folders between PCs and locally. Simply select two locations, let FastMove scan them and find which files are different or missing from one location. You can then select the files you want to copy between the two folders.
Operating System:Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, 11.

Homepage: https://www.fastmove.com/






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