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Mar 28 2023

DrawingBotV3 Premium v1.5.3 (x64) (Portable)

DrawingBotV3 Premium v1.5.3 (x64) (Portable)


DrawingBotV3 Premium v1.5.3 (x64) (Portable) | 180 MB | Language: English

DrawingBotV3 is a software for converting images to line drawings for Descriptionters / Drawing Machines / 3D printers. It also serves as an application for visual artists to create stylised line drawings from images / video.

3 Path Finding Algorithms: all highly configurable to create unique drawing styles.
Automatic Path Optimisation for Faster Descriptions: Line Simplifying, Merging, Filtering, Sorting
Pen Settings: configurable colour / stroke width / distribution weight / blend modes – perfect for multi-layered Descriptions.
60+ Image Filters: for pre processing the imported image
Advanced User Interface: with live drawing preview
User configurable Drawing Area, with Padding / Scaling Modes
Version Control: Save your favourite versions as you go and reload them.
Project Saving & Loading: save your work and continue where you left off!
Special pens: for Original Colour/Grayscale Sampling
Presets: can be saved/imported/exported for sharing different styles with other users
Multiple Export Options: can be exported per/pen or per/drawing in multiple file types
GCode Export: configurable Drawing Area, XYZ Offsets / Auto Homing.
vpype Integration: automatically send Descriptions to vpype for further optimization and processing
Features – Premium Version:
All the features included in the Free Version
29 Path Finding Algorithms: includes 26 more Path Finding Modules!
Automated CMYK separation
Batch Processing: Convert entire folders of images automatically.
Export Animations: You can export animations of your creations as Image Sequences or MP4/MOV files!
Descriptionter / Serial Port Connection: Connect to HPGL based Descriptionters and control them over the serial port.
Video Processing: Convert every frame from imported video files automatically
HPGL Export: Export files for Descriptionters, with configurable Hard-Clip limits, X-Axis Mirror, Y-Axis Mirror, X-Axis Alignment, Y-Axis Alignment, Rotation, Curve Flatness, Pen Velocity and the initial Pen Number.
Hardware Accelerated Renderer: Fast OpenGL Based Renderer to preview drawings in higher clarity and speed!

Homepage: https://drawingbotv3.com/product/drawingbotv3/





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