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Dec 19 2022

Cutting Planner v11.31

Cutting Planner v11.31


Cutting Planner v11.31 | 8 MB | Language: English

Are you always troubled like a puzzle when cutting plates etc? Cutting Planner greatly reduces the manual labor that has taken several hours, thanks to a unique algorithm that combines the experience gained from actual factory work with the strengths of a computer. By using the calculated cut layout as a production order, anyone can handle efficient work. You do not need a craftsman. And you can get an accurate estimate.
What is Cut optimizer
Cut Optimizer is software that arranges to cut out multiple parts panels from the original plate such as plywood, aluminum plate, and steel plate.
Calculate highly efficient cutting layout by panel saw, running saw and shirring. Used in furniture manufacturing, steel plate and sheet metal processing, etc.
The calculation results can be confirmed on the PC screen, printed and used as an order to the work site. You can also use it to calculate estimates.
Also supports cutting optimization of long material.
Long materials such as bars, pipes and tubes also calculate the layout to cut efficiently. Cutting Planner supports both 1D and 2D with one software.
Operating System:Windows 8, 10, 11.

Homepage: https://www.tubakurosoft.com/






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