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Dec 14 2022

CMG (Computer Modelling Group) v2021.101 (x64)

CMG (Computer Modelling Group) v2021.101 (x64)


CMG (Computer Modelling Group) v2021.101 (x64) | 1.79 GB | Language: English

CMG continues its commitment of aligning your feedback with the delivery of the technical excellence and support from our team

This release is the official 2021 General Release of CMG software. The products within the General Release contain many new features and bug fixes. The release contains the 2021.10 version of the following products

Unconventional Reservoirs
-Planar Fracture Template Input for Propped and Unpropped Zone
-Proppant Transportation in HF
-Cut-off Option in Property Distribution Data
-Cut-off for Discrete Fracture Segment

-Geothermal Process Wizard
-Thermal Black-Oil Modelling

Chemical EOR
-Chemial Equilibrium and Mineral Reactions
-General Polymer Mixing Table
-Rock-Type Based Polymer Adsorption Properties

-Well Drainage Radius Block Selector
-SIP Format
-Grid Independent Wells

-Flow Allocation Details Export
-Grid Independent Well Support

Simulation Speed Up & General Simulation
-Automatic Tuning Advancements
-New Option for Heat-Loss Calculations
-GEM Surface Network Modelling – IPR Correction
-Temperature Dependent Compaction and Dilation Tables
-Fault Reactivation Modelling

Integrated Production Simulations
-Improvements to IMEX/GEM Explicit Coupling
-Fluid Enhancements
-Improvements to Network Constraint Solver

Wellbore Modelling
-Lift and Pipe Table Enhancements
-Well Scheduling
-IPR Enhancements
-General Enhancements

-New ‘Joint’ Equipment
-Gap Importer
-General Enhancements
-Improvements to Reservoir Model Building in CoFlow

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10 Professional x64**
CPU:Dual 28-Core Xeon† Gold 6238R 2.2Ghz-4.0-GHz, 38.5 MB Cache, (56 cores* total), OR NEWER
Memory:96GB – 384GB RDIMM ECC DDR4 Memory, 2933MHz-3200MHz
gpu:NVIDIA† Quadro RTX4000 or greater
Whats New

read:CMG 2021 Software Highlights.pdf

Homepage: https://www.cmgl.ca/






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