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Aug 13 2023

Cadcorp SIS Desktop v9.1.1610 (x64)

Cadcorp SIS Desktop v9.1.1610 (x64)


Cadcorp SIS Desktop v9.1.1610 (x64) | 1.78 GB | Language: English

Cadcorp SIS Desktop is able to provide the creation and management of geographical information, advanced spatial analysis, support for Ordnance Survey® data, 3D analysis and connections to over 300 different formats of spatial data, including common spatial databases such as PostGIS, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, all out of the box.

Familiar and intuitive user experience
-Working with SIS Desktop is a very similar user experience to that of using various Microsoft Office products. It offers a “Backstage View,” a “Recent Maps” list, and the ability to pin frequently used maps and projects.
-SIS Desktop supports drag and drop for adding basemapping, overlays and project files.

Comprehensive mapping and styling tools
-Map data can be rapidly assembled and managed using a wide variety of built-in map management tools.
-Create new map items such as points, line strings, and polygons, and determine their graphic representation. Design cartographic output in the form of thematic maps, in which map items are styled or labelled according to their properties or attribute values.
-A user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive Print Wizard leads the user through standard printing steps, using a wide range of predefined, or custom print templates. Interactive Adobe PDF files can be published that allow end-user control over layer visibility and full access to feature properties.

Advanced GIS capabilities
-Supports advanced GIS data buffering operations, Thiessen polygon analysis, grid analysis, contour mapping, flow-line generation, clustering, and hotspot mapping.

-Network topology can be created to manage and run routing analysis. Powerful expressions can be applied to analyse the cost of travel, allowing time and distance maps to be created.

-A temporal control bar allows time-series data to be inspected and exported to video.

System Requirements
OS:12th Generation Intel® Dual Core i9 processor
Memory:12 GB
Space: 4 GB for software installation 100GB Solid State Drive (dependent on local data storage)

Homepage: https://www.cadcorp.com/products/desktop-gis/cadcorp-sis-desktop/





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