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Dec 16 2022

Autodesk Maya 2023.3 (x64) with Extensions

Autodesk Maya 2023.3 (x64) with Extensions


Autodesk Maya 2023.3 (x64) with Extensions | 5.2 GB | Language: English

Languages: English, 日本語, 简体中文

Autodesk has released Maya 2023.3, the latest version of its 3D modelling and animation software. The release includes user-requested workflow improvements to the animation tools, including the Proximity Wrap deformer, Graph Editor and Time Editor, and updates to Maya’s Arnold, Substance and USD plugins.
What’s new in Maya 2023.3
Workflow improvements to animation tools and the UV Toolkit
As with Maya 2023.2 in September, Maya 2023.3 is largely a workflow update, particularly for animators. The Proximity Wrap deformer can now take account of deforms applied to the driver object, resulting in more realistic-looking deformation of the target object, as shown in the image at the top of the story. In addition, the option to choose whether left-dragging moves or only selects keys has been restored to the Graph Editor, and there is a workaround for audio problems when working with Playblasts in the Time Editor. Other changes include a new section of the Preferences window for Hypershade settings, and the option to collapse or expand sections in the UV Toolkit.
Updates to the Arnold, Substance and USD plugins
Outside the core software, the bundled Arnold, Substance and USD plugins have all been updated. The biggest update is probably USD for Maya 0.20, which changes the way Display Layers are handled. MtoA, the new version of the Arnold integration plugin, is a bugfix release: it doesn’t add the new features introduced in Arnold 7.1.4 last month.
What’s new in the Maya 2023.3 devkit
Update to the apiMeshShape example
– The apiMeshShape example has been updated to use OpenGL.
– A README included with the example provides information on how to migrate your code to use OpenGL calls instead of glFunctionTable.
Changes to Python API
– Python API 2.0 now includes MFnAssembly.
Scripting updates
– The componentTag command has been added.
– The -fullNodeName, -nodeName, and -attributeType options have been added to the listAttr command.
– The -fullNodeName option has been added to the listConnections and listHistory commands.

– Crash when accessing light data in shader node’s compute MAYA-125706
– Crash using Blue Pencil when playing back with Graph Editor open MAYA-125362
– Freeze scrubbing Time Slider after importing geometry cache exported with FPS setting of 23.976 MAYA-125314
– Pitch difference when Playblasting with Time Editor audio MAYA-124817
– Animation layers do not preserve transformation when rotation order is changed MAYA-124794
– Delay in evaluation when Line Width of nurbsCurve is controlled by an attribute MAYA-123864
Animation Performance
– Cached Playback : nParticles scene with gameVertexCount plugin loaded crashes on playback MAYA-125818
– Cached Playback : Objects with animated visibility are displayed at the origin MAYA-124883
– Missing dependencies in Maya 2023 Linux package MAYA-125568
– Missing XGen dependencies in the Maya Linux deployment package MAYA-125464
– MLibrary applications crash on exit MAYA-125228
– Lost namespace if scene includes namespaced expression and Cached Playback is enabled MAYA-125207
– Camera Bookmark Editor ‘Apply’ button not working MAYA-124913
– Qt UIs don’t show specific icon images on Windows MAYA-124684
– Maya failing to load via File->Recent Files MAYA-124349
– Error attempting to remove reference when using a relative file path MAYA-124346
– Crash in TmidCompConvert MAYA-125756
– Artifact shadows appear when raising and lowering a polygon face MAYA-125334
– Copy Skin Weights between NURBS and polygons does not work MAYA-125318
– Deformed NURBS surface breaks when painting weights MAYA-125310
– Auto-save repositions Influences list in the Paint Skin Weights Tool Settings MAYA-124885
– Cannot restore workspace control when the control UIs are arranged in a 2×2 grid MAYA-124491
– UI scalability issue selecting Cluster handle MAYA-104534
– [github #2093] UFE: Printing rename command with UFE strings returns “none” MAYA-125664
– Crash: Duplicate within plugin’s activate method MAYA-124086
– [GitHub#2196] Build script is making an assumption on the generator when one isn’t supplied MAYA-122322
– [GitHub#1949] Group pivot center and origin behavior are flipped for USD MAYA-122119
– Support for multiple paths with SHADERFX_CUSTOMUSERPATH MAYA-124764
– VP2 : Isolate Select is not working as expected in DX11 mode MAYA-124760
Autodesk Mayais the creative 3D softwares used by animators across the world. It is animators favorite software as a 3D software can do multiple activities. Maya can be used to for realistic 3D animation , 3D modelling, realistic 3D environment , character formation and animation, visual effects and many other effects. Such effects and animation is used not only for animated movies but for news channels, television commercials, advertisements, manufacturing etc. Along with these industries video gaming industry is also leveraged by Autodesk Maya. Various modelling tools and its assembly helps to create realistic environment for games or even to create 3D models.
Hence Autodesk Maya is the most important 3D software where breathtaking 3D models, scenes, 3D environment, visual effects(VFX), animation etc. can be created. Tools and various features in Maya helps to work on complex projects easily by enhancing production quality and creativity.
What’s new in Maya 2023
In this video we will be taking a look at what Maya 2023 has to offer. This includes updates to the retopology and booleon tools, overall modeling performance improvements, the blue pencil tool and some of the other workflow enhancements.
Autodeskhelps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Artstation – GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya

Product:Autodesk Maya
Version:2023.3 with Extension *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.autodesk.com
Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:Windows **
Size:5.2 Gb

Homepage: https://www.autodesk.com







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