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Aug 18 2022

Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 (x64)

Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 (x64)


Trimble Inpho Photogrammetry v12.1.1 (x64) | 1.7 GB | Language: English

Inpho® office software is designed to precisely transform aerial images into consistent and accurate point clouds and surface models, orthophoto mosaics and digitized 3D features using state-of-the-art photogrammetry and remote sensing techniques.

The modules can be used as a complete system or as individual components which integrate easily into any photogrammetric production workflow using 3rd party products. The portfolio also includes point-cloud and terrain modeling for massive data as well as airborne LiDAR scanning processing completed by automated city-modeling software.Inpho is compatible with state-of-the-art photogrammetric camera systems from Trimble, Leica, Vexcel, IGI, Phase One, and others.

Market-leading full automatic aerial triangulation including complete camera calibration, robust bundle-adjustment and thorough quality assessment for image blocks of any size, overlap or geometry. Easily solve the most challenging projects with highest precision. Work with the most flexible aerial triangulation software that stands-out as a synonym for quality.

Professional software for high-quality ortho-rectification of digital aerial frames, pushbroom or satellite imagery generating true orthophotos for both single images and complete image blocks. Trimble OrthoMaster offers the right quality and performance for your dedicated application. Use classic rectification methods to generate classic orthos or true orthos or, alternatively create precise true ortho images directly from a resampled colorized 3D point cloud.

OrthoVista is well known in the world of photogrammetry as a market-leading software for creating orthomosaics with perfect homogeneity, even for multi- channel imagery. Adjust and combine thousands of orthophotos from any source into perfect, seamless, color-balanced and geometrically correct orthomosaics without any necessary subdivision.

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10 or higher
Stereo System:DTMaster, the Multi-Photo-Measurement Tool (PMT) of MATCH-AT and UASMaster offer stereo viewing with Open GL stereo graphics or the Anaglyph stereo viewing
Cpu Recommended:A fast CPU with 40 to 48 cores.

Homepage: https://geospatial.trimble.com/products-and-solutions/trimble-inpho






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