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Aug 25 2022

Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 (x64) Multilingual

Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 (x64) Multilingual


Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 (x64) Multilingual | 1.46 GB | Language: Multilanguage

At Tekla, innovation isn’t just a software update, or a new product or tool. It’s a mindset. A way of thinking. A willingness to question and challenge perception. It’s an enduring drive to find new ways to make the construction workflow, work better. The Tekla 2022 software releases are all about that mindset. With new features and enhancements to drive data-driven and connected workflows, you’ll experience faster modeling, simplified change management, enhanced usability and increased interoperability. We’ve also taken the best structural BIM software on the market, and made it more affordable, more accessible and more flexible than ever thanks to our new Tekla Structures.

Features :
Simplify the creation of object lists with the new list manager
The list manager extension improves quality and productivity by enabling more efficient listing and reporting of Tekla model objects with fully trackable properties. Accuracy is assured and human error minimized to allow focus on productive detailing while Tekla manages the model.
Clarify numbering, marking and documentation with Curved & Similar Rebar Grouping
Minimize the amount of work you need to do in documentation and listing by combining curved marks into a single mark with sub ids. Building on the tapered group technology, we have provided more automation in the places you want it, but with added flexibility to change parameters on a rebar set level. Change how you group bars based on the geometry or project you’re working with to achieve the most productive, fabricatable detailing to date.
Quickly understand rebar spacing and modifiers with the new Follow Edges functionality
Break away from the multi point picking of modifiers on rebar sets when it comes to complex rebar edges. With the new ‘follow edges’ technology, you can tell a modifier or guideline to follow an edge explicitly. This new feature allows you to model reinforcement in curved or non linear objects and split, add hooks or orientate the bars based on the geometry edge itself.
Easily Update Drawing Specific Layouts
In Tekla Structures 2021, new functionality to the drawing layout feature offers the possibility to make small changes to title blocks and reports while also being able to exclude certain updates from being saved to an existing layout. This means you are able to update just one title block without changing them all, This keeps the number of master layouts small so it will be easier for you to manage, create and edit your project’s drawings.
Express your project intent with the new Trimble Connect Visualizer
The Trimble Connect Visualizer can now render your own custom textures, and user defined colors instead of standard defaults. This functionality will enable you to present your project or express your intent to position the unique approach you will take to the project. With the new Visualizer, you will see material exactly how it would look like in real life, no matter how specific and custom your surface finishes, concrete finishes, paints, and other material may be.
Save Time and Money with the Fit Objects Extension
Utilizing the new Fit Objects extension, users can save time, reduce errors, and offer more accurate and profitable QTOs. This tool fits any two objects together and keeps them connected, even after changes in the project occur. The tool expands the capabilities of existing fitting commands and makes it easier to, for example, connect columns and walls to sloping slabs or connect inclined slabs to landings.
Take advantage of the New Shape Catalog to keep track of imported shapes
In Tekla Structures 2021, you can continue to add value to your models by importing shapes like .skp, .ifc files, DWG’s, DGNS, etc., but now you can more effectively keep track of all these changes. With a fresh new look to the Shape Catalog, you will also experience improved performance with clarity in organizing BIM parts, sorting shapes, creating groups and/or tree structures, as well as the ability to add tags, star shapes and other actions you might need to keep track of your imported shape changes.
Experience enhanced solid object handling
Tekla software now uses a more efficient way to handle geometries of duplicated objects. This results in better performance such as faster model, view and drawing opening, faster numbering and export operations, and better solid handling. Furthermore, numbering of identical parts yields more reliable results.
Take advantage of the new Copy/Move preview
If you need to move or copy objects within your Tekla Structures model, you will experience an updated copy and move preview in the newest release. With this new update, you can visualize where copied or moved objects will appear to clearly determine what and where you are copying/moving objects before committing to their location. What you see is what you get!
Access to drawings is easier than ever before
Access related fabrication drawings quicker than ever from the contextual toolbar with this new feature. When selecting model objects you can now see a list of related drawings and open them directly from the model without the document manager.
Improvements in drawing associativity
The new version keeps improving on drawing dimension associativity, with new support for dimension tag content. Additionally, users can associate dimensions to objects during creation of the dimension. With this added control, users can be confident that drawing dimensions can react correctly to changes in the model and /or cloning of the drawings.
New options for bolts
The Bolt command has now been extended to include Blind and Partial hole options. These are especially beneficial when modeling aluminium curtain walls or other special steel structures.
Easier editing of identical assemblies and cast units with Batch editing
Save time and reduce repetitive rework with the new Batch editing functionality in Tekla Structures 2021. Great for project changes that come late in the design, utilizing this feature means you won’t be spending tedious time making multiple updates to identical assemblies or cast units within the same number series. You can now copy modifications to identical or similar assemblies in just one click.
Quickly identify the graphic card you are using
Utilizing the new graphics card command, you can easily check and understand the hardware you are using and if it is suitable for Tekla and configured correctly.
Take advantage of the new Instructor Pane for self learning
Whether you’re a new user looking for guided support or someone just looking for a helpful reference, the new Instructor Pane will provide guided tips and quick insight on topics in modeling and drawing mode. This functionality is available in all 16 UI languages and enables the user to access support in their local language, even if they are using a different language in the user interface.
See model changes with Overlay model improvements
Users now have the ability to see a list and view of changes between two selected .ifc or .tekla models. Trimble Connect overlay models now offer full historical and visual identification of changes even from the very first upload. This functionality helps to detect and adjust work based on reference model updates. Additionally, updates to this tool now enable hierarchical objects in overlay models for objects such as assemblies, cast units and pour units. The Tekla Structures’ clip plane feature can now also be used with overlay models for easier examination of a model.
Drawing annotations in Trimble Connect 3D web viewer
After you have created a drawing, you can now publish drawing annotations into Trimble Connect. This allows you to view the dimensions in the 3D model view, giving you both the geometry and the dimension or other annotations like material, weld information or other part marks. This makes your 2D drawings into a 3D format and with this enriched 3D model, your drawing can now be used for fabrication.
Capitalize on improvements in precast interoperability
In the newest versions of Tekla Structures, we continue to actively maintain and invest in extending the link of our highly utilized interfaces to automated machinery within the precast industry, increasing the efficiency for you as our customer. Tekla offers interfaces to hollowcore, wall production, rebar cut and bend manufacturing solutions using BVBS, Unitechnik, PXML, ELiPLAN / FloorMES and more.
New extension to combine IFC 2×3 with BVBS
This new extension gives you the ability to export IFC for production while also embedding cut and bend (BVBS) fabrication data to provide the level of detail needed for rebar cut and bend information.
Enjoy improvements in the Stacker & Palletizer Tools
You can now enjoy the improved functionalities of visual planning for transportation (Stacker) and pallet occupation (production planning) by Palletizer. These tools help you optimize your production and transportation capacities to make you more efficient and more profitable on your next project.
Optimize your material usage with new Rebar Nesting
You can now generate cutting patterns for rebars to reduce waste during rebar cutting with the new Rebar Nesting functionality in Tekla Structures. With the new extension you can calculate the optimal amount and length of stock length rebar (e.g. 12m, 16m, etc.) based on selected rebar or the rebar in the entire model. Results can also be exported to text files for further processing in tools like Microsoft Excel. This increases your efficiency in accomplishing the task and brings clear improvements towards waste reduction and cost optimization for your next project.
‘Upload model’ in Trimble Connect Now Supports pours and gridlines
Utilizing the “upload model” functionality means users can upload a Tekla Structures model to Trimble Connect from any phone or tablet. This functionality means you don’t need to have access to a native model in order to inspect it or inquire model data. With Tekla Structures 2021, users can now also export a model from Trimble Connect with grid lines, pour objects and pour units. If you have pours in your model, these will get exported instead of CIP parts. Additionally, using the syncing features of Tekla Model Sharing (which means that updates can be automatically updated with every write-out), users on a project can consistently have an up to date model even with models that are modelled by a series of people, at the same time.
Utilize Clash check improvements in Tekla Structures 2021
The ‘Clash Check” functionality has been enhanced in the newest release of Tekla Structures, making finding clashes more reliable and faster. The improvements are particularly evident when the check contains a reference model where a support base point can be inserted. The Clash Check Manager user interface has also been updated to have check boxes for advanced options like whether the clash check includes clashes between reference models and clashing objects inside reference models. A progress bar has also been added to indicate the current clash check’s status and enables the cancellation of the action.
More flexibility in detailing stairs
The spiral staircase functionality has been improved in Tekla Structures 2021. Also, a new straight staircase tool has now been added. The enhanced stair components now include all common shapes: straight stair, L and U shaped stairs, and spiral form.
New way of modeling concrete stairs
New extension for modeling concrete stairs includes all common shapes including straight stair, L and U shaped stairs, and spiral form. This easy to use tool will make the modeling of any stair shapes easy and straightforward.
Enhanced crane tool
The new Crane Tool extension is the next evolution of the Crane capacity check tool and offers new functionalities that help you save costs, make fewer errors and improve safety during the erection phase of your next project. The tool supports all typical cranes: tower, mobile and crawler cranes and allows you to do lift simulations, lift checking (capacity, range, height and supply point) and erection time calculations. Whether you are the engineer or the erection planner, you will have a complete set of tools that help you optimize the design, erection costs and make it safer. Because the erection phase makes up such a significant part of project costs, planning your crane operations can bring considerable cost benefits and make you more profitable. Finally, for those companies that rent out cranes, this tool will also allow for easy input of capacities for your equipment and give you ability to share that information to your customers.
New tool available for panelizing insulation in a wall
This new component helps you increase your productivity by automatically detailing the insulation of your walls using actual insulation panel sizes that will be used in manufacturing. You can easily optimize the distribution of insulation panels, reducing waste in manufacturing. The Panelizer will also produce data about individual insulation panels for automated fabrication where needed. As this new tool can be used to split any panel or plate into smaller pieces, it can also be used for modeling e.g. grating or masonry work.
Explore the new Pour performance improvements
The newest pour performance improvements are a big win for those working with concrete pours. The host of improvements to our patented pour technology make planning concrete pours faster and more straightforward. Enhancements include updates to processes such as opening models with pours, working with pours breaks, modifying CIP objects, and calculating pours units which will all enable you to work more efficiently and win more profitable work.
New Scaffolding tool (extension) offers brand new functionality to Tekla Structures 2021
The newest scaffolding tools offer new functionality that has never been available in Tekla Structures, until now. Based on customer feedback, this tool will enable customers to plug in their scaffolding systems into the model and start placing the components with intuitive placing automation. This tool is useful either if you are using scaffolding as shoring, which supports the horizontal formwork, or the access scaffolding, which gives workers access to move around the construction site.
Navisworks and Revit import available as reference files (extension)
To achieve smooth construction workflows and the realization of designs, we at Trimble Tekla are committed to an open approach to BIM. With this open approach, we hope to enable project members to collaborate seamlessly throughout design and construction, regardless of the software solutions they use. Currently, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) offers the most viable option for everyday open BIM. Through IFC, Tekla links with AEC, MEP and increasingly with plant design software.
Renewed slab and plate splitter Available in Tekla Structures 2021
If your next project requires you to split existing plates or slabs, you can utilize the new renewed slab and plate splitter functionalities in Tekla Structures 2021. The newest split command uses newer methods like direct manipulation and pour break algorithms to split slabs and plates in a more reliable and user-friendly manner.
Operating system requirements:
64-bit Windows 11
64-bit Windows 10
64-bit Windows 8.1

Homepage: https://www.tekla.com/







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