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Aug 15 2022

Steinberg WaveLab Cast v1.2.10 (x64)

Steinberg WaveLab Cast v1.2.10 (x64)


Steinberg WaveLab Cast v1.2.10 (x64) | 179 MB | Language: English

For Podcasts and Social Media. Create Great Sound for Podcasts and Social Media Content. If you record, edit and publish podcasts, if you create video content for the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other social media, or if you record interviews or small groups of people in areas such as worship – then WaveLab Cast is the perfect choice for creating perfect audio.

Your perfect podcast. An audible revelation.
Today, subscribers to podcasts and social media platforms expect no less than the best audio and video. Uncompromising quality, intelligibility, clarity and great content are mandatory to win over new fans. WaveLab Cast helps you to create podcasts and interviews with a wide range of high quality, simple-to-use recording, editing, refinement and distribution tools, perfectly suited to achieve stunning results – and to gain more subscribers.
Capture the moment
Created to deliver uncompromising quality, WaveLab Cast supports up to 96 kHz audio in 32 bit. Use it to import audio recordings from a handheld recorder, mixer or similar device. Alternatively, you can record audio from your audio interface directly into WaveLab Cast. Whichever you choose, intelligent setup processes will help you to connect your devices, quickly and reliably.
Audio enhancement and refinement
WaveLab Cast makes your podcast sound spectacularly clear and intelligible. Cut out unwanted noise, blend different parts of an interview by simply moving audio events – WaveLab Cast will create crossfades automatically. Add another audio track to split your recordings across more than one track. Of course, you can also improve the sound with the world’s most easy-to-use collection of audio refinement tools – WaveLab Cast’s integrated Inspector Channel Strip. It allows you to EQ your audio, enhance the presence of speech using the Voice Exciter or give it more punch using the compressor. Use sound correction tools to remove background noise or hum – all without the need of deep technical knowledge! Just turn one or two controls and you will immediately hear the result!
Create stunning podcasts
After polishing your recorded sound, you can add background music and other effects to a new music track to make your podcasts stand out from the masses. To make it sound really professional, the new ducking feature lowers the background music when speech is detected on the voice track. And you can use the Montage Window to easily arrange a whole compilation of different podcasts and recordings, all at once.
Podcast upload functions: Instant broadcasting
Once your podcast is created, it’s ready for broadcast. WaveLab Cast connects you directly with five different podcast directories, including Spreaker, Podbean and even Soundcloud. Upload episodes quickly from within WaveLab Cast, saving time and effort. WaveLab Cast offers the ability to directly create and publish RSS feeds and provides upload functions to your choice of FTP server or other online storage. No matter which method you choose, WaveLab Cast is the easy, fast way to create, edit and publish your podcast in uncompromising quality.
Make your audio as awesome as your video
Nowadays, when you capture a video using a smartphone, DSLR or a similar device, the picture quality is usually pretty good. But what if the people filmed are hard to understand, if there is wind noise or if you want to add background music? WaveLab Cast is here to make your audio as awesome as your video.
Refine and improve your sound
After importing a video file, it will show up in WaveLab Cast’s video player, while the audio is extracted and appears on automatically-created audio tracks. Use the easy-yet-powerful WaveLab Cast Inspector to improve the sound using the EQ, compressor or Voice Exciter. Lower unwanted wind noise, remove loud sibilants with the DeEsser and change the dynamics of the sound – everything is done in real time. Just turn the very few controls and hear the result. It is as easy as it sounds! WaveLab Cast also comes with powerful editing tools, including automated crossfade creation, snap functions and lip-sync accuracy for perfect alignment to picture.
Superb audio for superb videos
Many videos for social media include background music and effects. Create a new track, fade in your choice of music or effects, use EQ to balance the sound, compression to give it more punch and check the balance with WaveLab Cast’s metering options. And, to make your video sound really professional, the new ducking feature will automatically lower the background sounds as soon as speech is detected.
Export in broadcast-ready formats
Now that your audio sounds great, you can re-attach it to the video file using WaveLab Cast’s export functions. Check that you are setting the export levels to industry standards – such as YouTube – then you can let WaveLab Cast automatically process your audio to that level. Alternatively, you can export the audio as WAV or MP3 files to create the final file in your choice of video editor. Now you’re ready to broadcast to the world!
Field recording: Capture anything, anywhere
WaveLab Cast is your first choice for capturing environmental sounds, interviews and much more. WaveLab Cast supports up to 96 kHz, 16 bit audio quality and you can import sound files from any SD card or directly record into WaveLab Cast using your favorite hardware. Use advanced but easy-to-use editing tools to cut out unwanted audio, use the cleaning functions in the Inspector to remove noise and assemble new files using the snap functions and crossfade options. Harness the onboard EQ, compressor, limiter and reverb to enhance your audio. Finally, use the processing tools to ensure the finished audio is at the correct level, then export your files in any popular audio format.

Homepage: https://www.steinberg.net/wavelab/cast/






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