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Mar 27 2020

SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD v2020 SP 2020-2 Build 527

SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 SP 2020-2 Build 527 | 287.9 mb


Construction software maker SOFiSTiK is pleased to announce the availability of SOFiCAD 2020 SP 2020-2 is a modular system that complements AutoCAD to functions for structural engineering.

For the longitudinal torsional reinforcements the maximum values of the layer definitions are now accounted for. See CTRL REIN FIXT for more options.
Buckling clamping in thick-walled cross sections (c/t-points via stress points SPT) were revised. Now the calculated fixities are similar to the thin-walled elements.
Sometimes single reinforcements were deleted if there were line reinforcements at the same time. (166368)
Sometimes the cross section values of circles were wrong. (167067)
Adapting tolerance of S-value for interpolation along an axis. (163746)
Sometimes the shear design values of thick-walled composite sections were wrong. (167192)
Sometimes the reading and the interpolation of profiles was wrong. (166791)
The normal force of the prestressing had not included the parts of reinforcements during a fire design.
Other Issues
Polygon points with radius now always create tangential points. This provides better referencing (cross-section interpolation) and editing in the cross-section editor. In addition, the defined radius is not lost during export anymore. Therefore, the value ‘PHI’ is obsolete. It is no longer used. Now the orientation of the arc is controlled only by the sign of the radius ‘R’ (not for ‘PHI’). (161683,162363)
Incremental launching: program crash corrected in case of manual defined excentic beams with BEAM-EZY (165788)
Pile elements in CSM construction stage analysis: outprint of sum of reaction forces again corrected. (166469)
Beam element with modified theorie 2. order SYST PROB TH3b: Th2 effect corrected on using a primary loadcase PLC in CSM. (167010)
Revision of the printout of Supports at Start/End.
Correction for determining eigenvalue analysis dependent values.
Correction for the summary of the results.
Other Issues
Revision of the printout of the design code.
Revised and updated manual.
Punching: on searching the maximum of multipe design runs LCRI, runs with punching failure were not taken into account correctly – improved. (165898)
Punching Norway: on input PUNC ro_v or necessary ro_v>0.50 the program did not switch to punching with stirrups – corrected. (166507)
LCRI maximum of multipe design runs: if the first LCRI did not contain shear reinforcement, for the created LCR a possible shear reinforcement could also not be Descriptionted – corrected. (165936)
Increase of reinforcement due to concrete stress check NSTR CHKC corrected (did not run any longer). (166510)
Other Issues
Missing nodal results: in case one design loadcase does not contain nodal results, now no nodal design is done and old reinforcement results are deleted for this design distribution.
Stress range tendons: warning added in case the stress range is higher than required.
CSM Design: Fatigue check concrete was not started – corrected.
Multilayer reinforcement: do not design elements with reinforcement diameter = 0
CSM optimisation: on usage for North America the opimisation file was written with P Prestress instead of PS – corrected. (166395)
Other Issues
CSM Design: Fatigue quad elements: stress range can now be input with DESI FAT PAR2 und PAR3
CSM Design: Group selection for the design allowed with new input GRPD.
CSM Design MAXIMA: Default for CTRL MAXI set to 1 for Norway (superposition according equation 6.10a and b).
CSM Design AQB NSTR: analysis of eigenstresses in the reinforcement: control corrected with CTRL STEU EIGE +64
Arbitrary Beam Element Selection: Beam finite elements not components of reference geometry (i.e. Structural Line or Beam Sequences) or that lie freely in space can now be selected and integrated. This can be controlled using the options BOX, SEC and/or GRP of the selection command DSEL.
Geometry with kinks: The geometry of a design element can now be formed out of a sequence of structural or beam elements possibly connected with sharp joints or corners having a deflection angle of more than 10°. (166046)
Geometry from Axes: Creation of design elements based on primary or secondary axis is possible with the option DGEO AXIS.
Print out: Detailed information about the type and geometry of intersected finite elements at a section can now tabulated in the report file.
Force calculation based on two similar user-given interpolated cross sections (via DSLN … NCS … NCS2) are now corrected. (166827)
Other Issues
Service pack release.
Additional, non-complete, output- and GUI-languages.
US AASHTO-2014, US AASHTO-2010: Modification of the action earthquake into E for SSD task Earthquake
DIN FB102-2003, DIN FB103-2003, DIN FB104-2003: correction of the load factors for the load trains LM1
Fixed memory allocation problem. (166290)
Other Issues
Warning when superposition of stresses for QUAD elements of zero thickness is requested. (166129)
Result Viewer
The graphical representation of values at cross section polygons was wrong.
Partly the interactive selection of beam sections did not work.
Deleting a link in the join options partly resulted in an crash. (165836)
Other Issues
Extreme value selection did not work for joined results. (167827)
Increased performance while loading a new database.
Increased performance while loading already processed results.
Data selection settings (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Graph) for diagrams will no longer be preset in interactive mode.
The reading of tendons is switched off with input ‘CTRL TEND 0’. (165038)
SIR has written non different project path (CDB) in the output file (.SIR). (163577)
AREA-Loading where only nodes of QUAD-elements where located exactly on the boundary of the load area. (165699)
Fixed issue with group names not being printed correctly in the analysis protocol
Thermal Analysis of Cross Sections
Task "Fire Design": The output text for the material designation was for steel cross sections incorrectly. (164296)
Design tasks
Task "Steel Buckling Resistance": CADINP input for SLN-Sequence table has been fixed [MEMB REF SLN ( )… is not used any more].
Calculation of Concrete Columns
Column: Reinforcement suggestion corrected for 5 corner irons. (166098)
Column: Error in generating the supports in the fire design task.
Other Issues
Column: Revision of the reinforcement sketch revised. (167405)
Column: Table creation for the combinations in the nominal curvature method accelerated. (162465)
Calculation of Footings
Footing: Revision regarding the rounding accuracy from Service Pack 1. (163810)
Analysis tasks
Task "Buckling Eigenvalues": Default selection set to "Positive Buckling-Modes"
Task "Soil-Structure-Interaction": In "Soil Response" tab, the task always appended a 0 value to CADINP input and table.
Task "Earthquake": The organisation of resulting loadcases was revised. (167875)
The first time F3 (continue searching) opens the search dialog. (165508)
The templates folder is again supported via menu. (165508)
Error in CADINP translation. (167175)
Other Issues
Service pack release.
The icons on high-resolution displays (4K) are automatically enlarged by up to 50%. (166529)
‘Punching’ shows the excentricity factor beta.
The ‘ClearType / AntiAliasing’ effect of texts can be switched on / off via command ‘cleartyp’ in command line of WinGraf. (165505)
Errors during design of area elements were not clear shown during output of ‘Decisive design check’. (165755)
Input area loads with nooks or small distances were sometimes shown incorrect. (158408,164619,165981)
SIR workfow: Non different project path (CDB) was written in the output file (.GSR). (163577)
Sometimes the displaying of all boundary support forces together was wrong. (167568)
Sometimes the groups of kinematic constraints were wrong. (167714)
The groups of QUAD cuts from database (from SOFIPLUS / REVIT) were not shown in the dialogue.
Sometimes the directions of axis and QUAD cuts from database (from SOFIPLUS / REVIT) were read incorrectly.
Viewing of the running modules improved.

SOFiCAD is a modular system that complements AutoCAD to functions for structural engineering. Because of the integration the way of working is obtained. All AutoCAD functions can be used together with SOFiCAD.
On AutoCAD you can solve with the various modules of SOFiCAD diverse design tasks. All modules can be arbitrarily combined and deploy within an AutoCAD session.
This video briefly shows the main advantages of the SOFiCAD reinforcement software. From the simple creation of a rebar shape, to the worflow importing formwork plans from Revit.

SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading software developer for analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide. Today, employing more than 70 people, we are one of the leading software developers for Finite Element Software in the construction industry, as well as for integrated detailing software based on Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit. SOFiSTiK’s subsidiary and Authorized Training Center BiMOTiON provides training and consulting for all aspects of implementing BIM workflows.
Version: 2020 SP 2020-2 Build 527
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 287.9 mb

– SOFiCAD and SOFiPLUS 2020 require AutoCAD 2020.
– SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design requires Revit 2020.
– The Rhinoceros Interface requires Rhino 6.
– SOFiPLUS-X does not require AutoCAD.
– The databases (cdb) created by the FEA programs are not compatible with those of the full version and vice versa.
– Our products are tested and released for Windows 8.1 (64bit) and 10.

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