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Oct 29 2022

PG Music Band in a Box 2022 build 927

PG Music Band in a Box 2022 build 927


PG Music Band in a Box 2022 build 927 | 2.65 GB | Language: English


Version 2022 includes many major new features. First, “All tracks are equal.” All 24 tracks have the same features, including styles and generation. There are Playable RealTracks – Customize RealTracks performances by adding your own notes using the sounds from the RealTracks recording. There’s a brand new MultiRiff feature for interactively arranging sections of RealTracks as you create a track by choosing from multiple versions.

Summary of Changes for build 926 (Sept 14, 2022)

Fixed: Melody harmonies were not rendered to audio files.
Fixed: Command+dragging mixer controls should not affect the Default Synth track.
Fixed: Volume/pan/reverb mixers controls did not work for MIDI tracks set to display type “Drums”.
Fixed: Shift+click Play and Generate should force frozen tracks to regenerate.
Added: “Show RealDrums with stems” check box added to the RealDrums picker.
Fixed: RT2852:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RnBSoulSw16Mike Sw16 085 was playing a 7th chord when a major chord was entered
Fixed: MST3576: Bass, NashvilleRadioCoolAB Sw16 090 did not have a swing 16 feel
Fixed: RT2676:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm BluesShuffleBrent Sw 130 was playing incorrect chords
Fixed: RT4033:Guitar, Electric, Soloist CountryFunkyBrent Sw16 090 was causing Band-in-a-Box to crash when selected

DAW Plugin 4.8.13

Fixed: MIDI playback through synth does not reset position when changed
Fixed: Changing 2 bar lead-in after generating and then starting playback will result in bar-highlighting being 2 bars off
Fixed: Changing lead-in after generating does not trigger generate needed icon
Fixed: Bar highlighting during playback should not scroll chord sheet if the current row is the end of the song
Fixed: Style Mix is enabled even when Preferences setting is set to disabled
Fixed: Drums cannot be generated on style page if not on default drum track
Fixed: Utility tracks should be muted if generating Style Mix to avoid doubling of instruments
Fixed: Right-clicking (or “+” menu) on Style Mix scrolls track table to first page
Fixed: Muting Style Mix track unmutes all style tracks but not AUDIO track
Fixed: Tooltips in Preferences dialog do not fit in tip area

RealBand 2022 Build 5 Update

This patch will update RealBand Version 2022 to Build 5 from any previous 2022 build. It must be installed into your existing RealBand 2022 folder.

Summary of Changes for 2022 Build 5 (Oct 4, 2022)
Fixed: When dragging a section of audio, the From/Thru display wasn’t updated while dragging
Fixed: Tracks Window & Audio Edit Window – Pressing Alt or Shift along with Ctrl to copy or move a section of audio in the without showing any dialog wasn’t working correctly.
Fixed: Slash key in the number section of keyboard wasn’t working in the Chords Window
Fixed: When saving to a .SEQ file, stereo audio tracks that didn’t have any audio data, but which had info such as a track name could show up as mono tracks when the .SEQ loaded back into RealBand.
Fixed: DAW Plugin Mode button didn’t work in the Tracks Window
Fixed: In the Key Signature dialog, changing the Semitones setting itself would not result in any transposition of the tracks.
Fixed: MIDI tracks could not be saved to utility tracks when saving to an MGU or SGU file.
Fixed: When loading an .SEQ file to Scrap (File – Scrap – Load Scrap), and the audio in the .SEQ is a different sampling rate than the existing song, MIDI tracks in the SEQ would not be loaded into the scrap buffer.
Fixed: Could not load in a .TGS file that was saved by BBW if it was a version 2 format.
Fixed: tuner not loading
If you encounter a problem or have a concern with any of the features/functions of RealBand, do not hesitate to contact us. Updated Oct 4, 2022.

Homepage: https://www.pgmusic.com/






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