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Oct 28 2021

Mentor Graphics PADS Professional VX.2.10 (x64) with Documentation

Mentor Graphics PADS Professional VX.2.10 (x64) with Documentation


Mentor Graphics PADS Professional VX.2.10 (x64) with Documentation | 7.5 GB | Language: English

Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business, is pleased to announce the availability of PADS Professional VX 2.10. This release focuses on enhancements to the core technology many of which have been suggested by you through Siemens Ideas.

PADS Professional is powerful, but it’s also easy to learn, use, and afford.It’s designed to givethe experienced user all the horsepower they need, yet intuitive, so casual or occasional users can accelerate their time to productivity.
The full flow of PADS Professional enables you to design, validate and manufacture PCB-centric systems incorporating advanced FPGA devices.
Electro-Mechanical Co-design: PADS Professional enables PCB and mechanical engineers to collaborate in real-time built on world-class collaboration data transfer standards that eliminate boundaries and accelerate time-to-market.
Routing Automation: Routing automation reduces PCB layout by up to 80%. With electronics design becoming more complex, automation is a major competitive advantage for experienced designers and engineers who “do-it-all”.
Rigid-Flex: From flex/rigid-flex operations that understand unique structures, constraints, plane management, materials, and stack-ups, PADS Professional has the features to support flex/rigid-flex design.
Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation: Proper design practices and close attention to detail are essential for accurate functionality in analog mixed-signal (AMS) portions of your PCBs.
Signal Integrity Analysis: Ensure that you are getting designs right the first time, avoiding costly overdesign, and saving recurrent test cycles with built-in HyperLynx signal integrity analysis in PADS Professional.
Design-for-Manufacturing: Using integrated design for manufacturing analysis, electronic engineers and PCB designers can quickly and easily identify common issues that cause costly delays in PCB fabrication and assembly, before hand-off to manufacturing.
RF Design: RF design is being driven by a growth in electronic devices using 6 to 100 GHz wireless technology, requiring access to PCB design tools to enable wireless design automation.
PartQuest Portal – Part Search & Creation Made Simple: Empowers engineers to find the highest quality part content with validated and maintained ECAD models of tens of millions of parts. Powerful templates make part building easy for even complex parts.
Connect for PADS Professional: Connect for PADS Professional is a secure cloud workspace empowering design team collaboration. With desktop integration, design data is organized for sharing, visualization, BOM review, and more.
Supply Chain Application: The Supply Chain application empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest.
The PADS Professional VX.2.10 release addresses a number of user reported issues and incorporates available user feedback on new functionality introduced in the past release.
The latest release delivers also new product features and enhancements that improve product usability and efficiency, and empowers engineers and designer’s to design electronic products faster.
PADS Professional VX.2.10 Overview Video
Mentor Graphics Corporation, a Siemens business,is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services, and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor, and systems companies. Corporate headquarters are located at 8005 S.W. Boeckman Road, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-7777.
Product:Mentor Graphics PADS
Version:Professional VX.2.10 with Documentation
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :


Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:PC *
Size:8.0 Gb

Supported Platforms
Overall Notes
– Specified patches below are minimum levels. Later versions of the patches are valid, supported configurations.
– Except as noted, all products are supported on all platforms.
– Processor and Memory requirements vary based on the mix of applications being used, the design complexity, and infrastructure requirements. Individual needs may vary from those published below.
Processor Note for Intel/AMD Processors
All Windows OS variants run on Intel or AMD x86 or x64 processors. In the past, the processor GHz speed determined the performance, but recent changes in the internal architecture of both Intel and AMD processors have made these comparisons difficult. Therefore, the following recommendations are being made for all Windows systems:
– Supported processors and systems are those manufactured since 2008 which conform to the subsequent requirements.
– Intel Celeron processors are not recommended.
– Minimum requirement is a dual-core (or dual processor) system. A quad core is recommended for improved overall system performance. A hyper-threaded processor should be considered a single processor, not a dual processor.
– For best results, maximize processor speed and L1/L2/L3 processor cache memory.
– Typically, cost is the best indicator of performance, and extra investment in processor capability returns better system performance.
File Storage
You can install the libraries and share them for group use across a local area network (LAN). We do not recommend use of shared libraries across a wide area network (WAN) due to issues with latency. Storage of any files on Network Appliance Servers (NAS) are not supported with PADS.
Microsoft Windows 10 (Version 1909 and newer)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Enterprise Edition and Pro Edition are supported.
While there is no known issue with running Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition or Educational Edition, the product has not been tested with these editions, and therefore is not supported.
Kernel Configuration:N/A
Processor:Dual-core Intel or AMD processor minimum. See Processor Note for Intel/AMD Processors above.
Memory:8GB recommended
Swap Space:2x the amount of RAM
Windows Server 2016
The following configurations are only supported for the sharing of libraries. All other PADS VX.2.10 products are not supported on any Windows Server platforms:
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with all current updates via Windows Update.
Processor:Dual-core Intel or AMD processor minimum. See Processor Note for Intel/AMD Processors above.
Memory:8 GB recommended (per simultaneously logged in user)
Swap Space:2X the amount of RAM
Windows Server 2019
The following configurations are only supported for the sharing of libraries. All other PADS VX.2.10 products are not supported on any Windows Server platforms:
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with all current updates via Windows Update.
Processor:Dual-core Intel or AMD processor minimum. See Processor Note for Intel/AMD Processors above.
Memory:8 GB or more recommended (per simultaneously logged in user)
Swap Space:2X the amount of RAM

Homepage: https://eda.sw.siemens.com/






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