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Jun 28 2022

Intel OneApi Developer Tools 2022.2 (x64)

Intel OneApi Developer Tools 2022.2 (x64) | 4.1 GB

Intel OneApi Developer Tools is what used to be called Parallel Studio – development tools for productive, often parallelized software developed by Intel and consisting of a C / C ++ compiler, Fortran compiler, various libraries, profiling tools and much more.

The entire set of components for development is divided by the intel into subgroups, which they called Toolkits. Installation of the corresponding toolkit – by running "Setup_<Toolkit>.cmd". Intel recommends that you first install what you need from the Base toolkit … and if after that you are missing something, then you also need what you need from other toolkits (For the contents of the toolkits, see the additional info). But it seems to work even if you don’t install Base at all if you don’t need any of it at all (well, let’s say if you only need a Fortran compiler, you can install it right away by running Setup_Compute.cmd)
The distribution is made for
• those who find it more convenient/faster to download from the tracker (rather than registering and climbing there on the Intel site downloading toolkits one by one … some components require registration to download them … plus now all this must be done under a VPN due to the fact that Intel decided to "play politics")
• Plus, because there are a lot of repetitions in toolkits, downloading an image from the distribution from the tracker is one and a half times more profitable than downloading everything from Intel separately on your own.
• well, in the image from the distribution – everything is already unpacked there, and you don’t have to unpack the downloaded gigabytes first, and only then install it.
In short , it’s easier and less to download from the distribution, and faster to install. Who wants to download from Intel – download from Intel … this is also an option, there is no market!

Setup_Base.cmd (oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_Base_2022.2.0.252)
This is a core set of tools and libraries for developing high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures. It features an industry-leading C++ compiler that implements SYCL, an evolution of C++ for heterogeneous computing
Domain-specific libraries and the Intel Distribution for Python provide drop-in acceleration across relevant architectures. Enhanced profiling, design assistance, and debug tools complete the kit
• Intel oneAPI Data Analytics Library
• Intel oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel oneAPI DPC++ Library
• Intel oneAPI Math Kernel Library
• Intel oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
• Intel oneAPI Video Processing Library
• Intel Advisor
• Intel Distribution for GDB
• Intel Distribution for Python
• Intel DPC++ Compatibility Tool
• Intel Integrated Performance Primitives
• Intel VTune Profiler
Setup_Libs32bit.cmd (Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit for Windows 32bit, OneApi2022_Base32bit_2022.2.0.50)
If you need to build 32bit apps
• Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 32-bit (2021.6.0)
• Intel oneAPI Math Kernel Library 32-bit (2022.1.0)
Setup_Compute.cmd (Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_HPC_2022.2.0.173)
Use to access Intel Fortran Compilers, OpenMP GPU offload, and scalability with MPI
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel C++ Compiler Classic
• Intel Fortran Compiler
• Intel Fortran Compiler Classic
• Intel Inspector
• Intel MPI Library
• Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
Setup_IoT.cmd (Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_IoT_2022.2.0.152)
Use to accelerate applications for smart, connected devices
• Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Intel C++ Compiler Classic
• Intel Inspector
• IoT Connection Tools
Setup_Rendering.cmd (Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit for Windows, OneApi2021_RenderKit_2022.2.0.150)
Rendering and ray-tracing libraries for high-fidelity visualization applications.
• Intel Embree
• Intel Implicit SPMD Program Compiler (Intel ISPC)
• Intel Open Image Denoise
• Intel Open Volume Kernel Library
• Intel OSPRay
• Intel OSPRay Studio
• Intel oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB)
• rkcommon internal utility library
• rkutil superbuild build script for optimization options, OSPRay extension modules (that is, MPI), and easy code study
• OSPRay for Hydra и OpenSWR в установщике теперь нету
Setup_OpenVino.cmd (Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, OneApi2021_OpenVino_2022.1.0.643)
Use for developing high-performance inference applications (from edge to cloud)
• Inference Engine
• Model Optimizer
• Post-Training Optimization Tool
• Deep Learning Streamer
• Utilities (including Accuracy Checker, Cross-Check Tool, Model Downloader, Benchmark App, and Compile Tool)
• Code samples, documentation, and models
• OpenCV libraries

Year/Date : 2022
Version : 2022.2.0
Developer : Intel
Bit : 64bit
Tabletka : not required

System requirements : • Windows 10; Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 • Intel Core, Intel Xeon, or Intel Xeon Scalable family processor; • 2GB RAM (8GB recommended) • 3-24GB free hard disk space;

• For GPU programming: Integrated GPU GEN9+ (including Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics (DG1)) • For FPGA Card programming: Intel Arria/Stratix 10 GX +
Quartus Prime
compiler from Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.7+) or 2019 (version 16.4+) or 2022 installed with CMake. There are compact offline Visual C++ installers on the root tracker
About the current need for you to distribute with oneApi, please vote in the distribution header





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