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Aug 25 2020

Geometric DFMPro v7.2.0.9035 x64 for NX Series

Geometric DFMPro v7.2.0.9035 x64 for NX Series

Geometric DFMPro v7.2.0.9035 x64 for NX Series | 0.99 GB | Language: English

The Geometric development team is pleased to announce the availability of of DFMPro 7.2 for NX series. This software facilitates upstream manufacturability validation by identifying those areas of a design that are difficult, expensive, or impossible to manufacture and automates the iterative design review process for manufacturability issues.

Design for manufacturability (DFM), sometimes also known as design for manufacture, is a perfectly straightforward idea: Products should be designed so that they can be manufactured. Moreover, they should be designed so that they are as easy and inexpensive to manufacture as possible. For machined parts, for example, you need to be concerned with the material, with tool accessibility, and with the depth and shape of cavities and holes. Injection-molded parts need to slip easily out of their molds.

For anything other than the simplest parts and products, DFM can involve volumes of rules that can be hard to remember and time-consuming to check. Design reviews consume the time of experts. If a part fails design review, it heads back to the designer to be redesigned. This rework is expensive in terms of both time and money.

Enter DFM software such as DFMPro from Geometric Global. DFMPro is a DFM tool that runs within your CAD software: Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Siemens NX and NX series.

DFMPro acts something like a spell checker for your CAD designs, providing quick checking of copious design rules to improve the manufacturability of parts and assemblies, and to reduce their manufacturing cost. It comes out of the box with more than 100 configurable rules-pulled from various handbooks, guidelines and DFM experts. You can customize the application to add more.

DFMPro automatically recognizes key features from your CAD designs. You don’t have to tell it where the ribs and bosses are; it will locate them on its own.
Run DFMPro and, after a few seconds or minutes, it returns a hierarchical, interactive list of your problem areas. You can see at a glance how many rules your design breaks, what those rules are, and where each instance of the problem is. You’ll also get a list of all the rules your design passed, as well as those rules that don’t apply to this design.

Click on a broken rule, and all instances of the problem are highlighted on your CAD model. Click on a problem, and you’ll zoom in on that feature and receive a description of the issue.
The descriptions go way beyond "FAILURE: RULE 27." They give the design engineer actual useful information such as, "There is no fillet at the base of the boss, whereas it is recommended to have a fillet 0.25 times the nominal wall thickness of the part."

DFMPro will even explain the rules. It will tell you, for example, not just that your cavity doesn’t have the minimum draft angle, but what draft angles are and why they are important, complete with illustrated examples and recommendations. This should actually help new design engineers to understand and implement proper design practices.

DFMPro For NX Overview
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Product: Geometric DFMPro
Version: 7.2.0 build 9035
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 0.99 Gb

Before installing DFMPro for NX, ensurethat the following system requirements fulfilled
Supported NX Version
– NX 1847 Series
– NX 1872 Series
– NX 1899 Series
– NX 1926 Series
Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
– 64‐bit version of Windows 10 (Home editions are not supported)
– 64‐bit version of Windows 8.1 (Home editions are not supported)
– 64‐bit version of Windows 7 SP1 or higher(Home editions are not supported)
Recommended RAM
– Recommended 8 GB or more (Minimum: 4 GB)
– Minimum: 4 GB

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