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Jun 24 2022

FunctionBay Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS 2022 R1 (x64)

FunctionBay Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS 2022 R1 (x64)


FunctionBay Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS 2022 R1 (x64) | 1.2 GB | Language: English

FunctionBay, Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of MBD for ANSYS 2022 R1 (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS). This add-on brings powerful Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) analysis capabilities within the ANSYS Workbench environment and allows users to simulate kinematics and dynamics of moving mechanical assemblies, before going through the structural assessment.

MBD for ANSYS (Multi-Body Dynamics for ANSYS)an add-on module for ANSYS Workbench that is used to simulate the transient behavior of a mechanical assembly in motion and is developed by FunctionBay.
MBD for Ansys provides engineers a way to perform dynamic simulations and calculate component loads within the Ansys platform. Users can then input this load data into structural simulations – whether as a maximum load or a load history – without changing their software environment or learning the RecurDyn UI.
The data calculated from MBD for Ansys can also be reviewed on a system level. Additionally, the model created in MBD for Ansys can be exported into RecurDyn for a more in-depth analysis.
FunctionBay understands that it is convenient to work in a unified UI. To that end, it offers MBD for Ansys.
Multi-Body Dynamics in ANSYS Workbench
FunctionBay, Inc.is a professional developer of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software for the simulation of both flexible and rigid body dynamics.
Our software solutions, which include the internationally-recognized RecurDyn, integrate many disciplines into a single seamless package. The core of these solutions is Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD), which tightly integrates multibody dynamics analysis with non-linear finite element analysis. In addition, our solutions include tightly integrated control design, fatigue analysis, as well as automated design optimization. Furthermore, we also support a powerful suite of customization tools to enhance our software to meet your needs and enhance your productivity.
FunctionBay, Inc., headquartered in South Korea, is recognized around the globe as a leader in multidisciplinary CAE solutions.

Product:MBD (Multi-Body Dynamics)
Version: Build 220404 for ANSYS
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.functionbay.org
System Requirements:Windows *
Software Prerequisites:ANSYS Mechanical 2022 R1
Size:1.2 Gb


Homepage: https://www.functionbay.org







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