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Jun 02 2024

Astrology House Janus v6.1.5 (Portable)

Astrology House Janus v6.1.5 (Portable)


Astrology House Janus v6.1.5 (Portable) | 152 MB | Language: English

Janus 6 has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. It also has specialist modules for Traditional Western Medieval, Hellenistic, Horary and Electional Astrology; Vedic, Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology.

While Janus has been designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers, beginners, too, will find it has much to offer. It combines user-friendliness and technical precision with the most extensive list of features found in any astrology program. And, regardless of your level of astrological or computer ability, you will find Janus easy to use.
What is new in Janus 6.1?
New features
Luminaries module.
Cast Solar Return In Mundo Chart has been added to the main screen Predictive menu.
Back Up Charts reminder.
Page Designer and Page Gallery modules now display selected Stars and Arabic Parts in wheels.
Primary Directions module. Directing by Egyptian Terms and Directing to House Cusps has been added to the Extra Points tab in General Settings.
Planet positions in wheels can now display a S when the planet is near its station as defined in General Settings.
One week period has been added to the Calendar module.
In the Vedic module, if the current Dasa Lord is Rahu or Ketu, its house placement is now added to the current cycles section of the dasa report.
A Remember Location check box has been added to the Location tab in the following modules:
Cast Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Ingress Chart, Cast Eclipse Chart, Cast Planet Rise/Set Chart, Cast Planet on Angle Chart, Cast Relocated Chart, Graphic Ephemeris, Declination Graph, Uranian Graph, Electional Search, Shadow Periods, Constellation Planting Guide, Quick Transit Report, Calculate Transits, Calculate Single Transits, and Cast Age Harmonic Chart.
In the Cast an Eclipse chart module, you can now calculate a list of Solar and Lunar eclipses.
In the Cast a Lunar Phase chart module, New Moon’s are annotated with SE if it is a Solar Eclipse, and Full Moon’s are annotated with LE if it is a Lunar Eclipse.
Primary Directions module. The Bianchini Latitude method can now be displayed in addition to the other latitude options. The Bianchini setting is now saved.
Extracting the Day, Month, and Year information from the Date text box for data entry is now more robust.
The Date and Time settings are now saved in the following modules:
Cast Progressed chart, Cast Directed Chart, Cast Return Chart, Cast Progressed Solar Return Chart, Cast Progressed Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Age Harmonic Chart, Cast Wynn-Key Return Chart, Cast Diurnal Chart, Daily Timing, Planetary Cycles, Ephemeris Grid, Ephemeris Text, Graphic Ephemeris, Declination Graph, Uranian Graph, Electional Search, Calendar, Quick Transit Report, Cast Lunar Phase Chart, Cast Ingress Chart, Cast Visual Planet Rise/Set Chart, Cast Planet of Angle Chart, and the Cast Jupiter-Saturn Mean Conjunction Chart.
In the main screen control panel list of charts, and in the Get Chart module list of charts, you can now click the Name column header and the Date column header to sort the charts into order.
Foreshadowing and Completion has been added to Zodiacal Releasing.
The Tab order has been fixed in each module.
Solar Arc directions now calculate faster in the Calculate Transits module.
Electional Chart module. Continuous animation now runs faster.
Show/Hide house numbers, house cusps, set planet spacing, horizontal position of planet positions is now saved in the western square chart wheel design file.
Show/Hide house numbers, house cusps, set planet spacing is now saved in the Greek square chart wheel design file.
Auto time zone lookup option has been added to the following modules. Electional Chart, Horary Chart, Traditional Chart, Uranian Chart (Event), Single, Bi, Tri, and Quad Wheel animation, Animate Dual BiWheels, ACS Wheel (Transits), Octoscope, Gauquelin Sectors, Arabic Lunar Mansions, Fixed Stars, Speculum, Sky Map, Calc Planetary Cycles, Calc Dynamis Age Harmonics.
Search for date of birth has been added to the Search for Chart module.
Harmonic = Age + 1 option has been added to the Cast an Age Harmonic Chart module.
Cast an Harmonic Chart module. Harmonic range now any number between -1000 and 1000.
Results are now automatically re-calculated when get another chart in the Calendar, Dynamic Age Harmonics, Ephemeris Grid, Ephemeris Text, and the Shadow Periods modules.
Planet stations are now displayed in Wheel Designer modules.
System Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11
1366×768 minimum screen
Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz or higher.

Homepage: https://www.astrology-house.com/janus/





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