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Aug 04 2022

ARM Development Studio 2022.1 (x64) (Linux)

ARM Development Studio 2022.1 (x64) (Linux)


ARM Development Studio 2022.1 (x64) (Linux) | 3.47 GB | Language: English

Arm has launched the Arm Development Studio 2022.1 is suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any Arm-based platform. Building on over 25 years of experience, Development Studio incorporates many of the best features of previous tool generations, unifying the development flow in a single, easy to use environment.

The key new features of this release are:
– Support for Cortex-M85 processor
– Support for other processors previously only provided by the Platinum Edition
– Update of all provided components:
. Arm Compiler for Embedded 6.18
. Streamline Performance Analyzer 8.0
. Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) rebuilt with Fast Models 11.17
. Graphics Analyzer 5.11
– Addressed Log4j security vulnerability by upgrading to Log4j 2.17.1

Arm Development Studiois a professional software development solution for bare-metal embedded systems and Linux-based systems. It covers all stages in development from boot code and kernel porting to application and bare-metal debugging, including performance analysis.

Arm Development Studio IDE
Development Studio helps you build, code, debug and optimize Arm-based projects quickly. From device bring-up to application debug to creating highly efficient micro-controller applications, Development Studio enables you to bring better products to market ahead of the competition.
Arm Compiler
Arm Compiler 5 and Arm Compiler 6 toolchains enable you to build highly optimized embedded applications for the entire range of Arm processors. Arm Compiler 5 supports all Arm architectures from Armv4 to Armv7 inclusive. Arm Compiler 6 supports Armv6-M, Armv7, and Armv8 architectures.
Arm Debugger
Arm Debugger is a graphical debugger supporting software development on Arm processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP). The Arm Debugger includes support for SoC bring-up with platform configuration utilities using the Arm ULINK™ and DSTREAM debug probes families.
Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms
Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) provide the ideal combination of performance, flexibility and usability for development and debug at all levels of the software stack. Based on Arm Fast Models, a library of FVPs is supplied with Development Studio for Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M and Neoverse processors. In addition, Development Studio supports custom FVPs created using the Arm Fast Models package, via the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).
Arm Streamline
Arm Streamline is a system-wide performance profiler which can be used to analyze Linux, Android, RTOS and bare-metal embedded systems. Streamline’s visualization tools make it easy to identify performance bottlenecks in software running on Arm CPUs, and data-plane workloads running on Arm Mali GPUs and other Arm IP. This is supplemented by a hot-spot software profiler which can identify the dominant functions and call paths in application software, enabling performance tuning of the entire system platform.
Arm Graphics Analyzer
Arm Graphics Analyzer allows you to capture and visualize OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL API calls made by an application, including capture of application assets and generation of debug visualizations of the application framebuffers. This can be used to identify which API calls are responsible for rendering defects, and makes it easy to identify rendering inefficiencies and performance issues. Arm Graphics Analyzer was formerly known as Mali Graphics Debugger.

Designed specifically for the Arm architecture, Development Studio is the most comprehensive embedded C/C++ dedicated software development solution on the market. Development Studio accelerates software engineering while helping you build robust and efficient products.

Getting started with Arm Cortex-M software development and Arm Development Studio

Arm provides a unified software toolchain for frictionless and fast developer experience. Watch this video to learn how to get started today to port optimized ML code for the Arm microcontrollers. In this session, we will cover:
– How to develop and debug your software with Arm Development Studio
– How to get started with MCU software development on Arm Fast Model Systems
– How to build and deploy an ML application with TensorFlow Lite and CMSIS-NN kernels to a Cortex-M7 device
– How to migrate your ML code to Arm Cortex-M55, Arm’s most AI-capable Cortex-M processor.
Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and data revolutionthat is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Our energy-efficient processor designs and software platforms have enabled advanced computing in more than 200 billion chips and our technologies securely power products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer. Together with 1,000+ technology partners we are at the forefront of designing, securing and managing all areas of AI-enhanced connected compute from the chip to the cloud.

* The Gold Edition is a fully comprehensive toolchain for all software development projects on any Arm CPU and architecture, including Armv8 processors.

Product:ARM Development Studio
Version:2022.0 & 2022.1 (202210907) Gold Edition *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :


Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Linux **
Size:3.47 Gb




Homepage: https://developer.arm.com/






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