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Jan 12 2023

ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio & OpticBuilder 2023 R1.00 (x64)

ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio & OpticBuilder 2023 R1.00 (x64)


ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio & OpticBuilder 2023 R1.00 (x64) | 6.29 GB | Language: English

Zemax, part Ansys, is pleased to announce the availability of OpticStudio & OpticsBuilder 2023 R1.00 is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in universities around the world, and in leading companies throughout the optics industry.

Ansys Zemax OpticStudio’sintuitive user interface includes easy-to-learn tools and wizards, which enable efficient simulation and design of any optical system. With more than 200 field points you can set up even the most complex freeform and non-rotationally symmetric systems. OpticStudio also includes a suite of optical engineering tools to analyze the performance of your system. In addition to the classic analysis functions, Zemax OpticStudio also offers Full-field Aberration analysis to improve freeform designs; contrast analysis for MTF optimization; and Image Simulation to produce photorealistic images of object scenes.

Zemax OpticStudio – Everything you need to design optical systems

To turn optical designs into reality, teams of engineers need to coordinate around one common goal. Now CAD users don’t have to recreate optical designs into CAD formats. WithOpticsBuilder, CAD users can directly convert complete optical designs from OpticStudio into CAD, analyze how packaging impacts performance, and export optical drawings to manufacturing-saving costs and expensive prototypes.

OpticsBuilder Insights: Using the OpticsBuilder’s Export .ZBD file feature

Ansysis the global leader in engineering simulation. Through our strategy of Pervasive Engineering Simulation, we help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and create products limited only by imagination. Founded in 1970, Ansys is headquartered south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Visitwww.ansys.comfor more information.
In 2021,Ansys acquired Zemax, the world’s number one optical simulation toolset and Zemax is now “An Ansys Company.” that is transitioning into the Ansys family. Initial connections between OpticStudio and Ansys Mechanical are already in place, and you will see further integration until it becomes part of the Ansys multiphysics capability.

Updated Ansys Zemax Troubleshooter
In OpticsBuilder 2022 R2.02 we introduce an updated Ansys Zemax Troubleshooter that now allows an open text field for users to enter an explanation of their issue. This newly updated Troubleshooter tool also connects to the Ansys licensing to verify and eliminate any licensing issues which will speed up time to resolution.

OpticsBuilder 2023 R1 includes the following bug fixes:
– Off-Axis Mirror – The lens geometry did not change when the radius of the off-axis mirror was modified from 0 to another value through the Edit Optical Properties window.
– Detector Preview – The preview function was not showing the correct detector type after was changed in the Edit Optical Properties window.
– Optomechanical component appearance – If a user makes changes to an optical component using the CAD tools, it changes designation from optical to optomechanical. If the user then exported the .ZBD file and re-imported the .ZBD file, the appearance of this part was changed.
– Simulation precision – When changing the precision settings for a Simulation, the image on the detector was not updated.
– Boundary Rays – The Boundary Rays were hidden after closing and adding a new .ZBD file into Creo without using the Creo function “Erase Not Displayed” to clear the local workspace.
– Import stops occasionally – We have fixed an issue where, on occasion, OpticsBuilder would stop importing and would show a red “x”. The user would have to restart Creo to allow OpticsBuilder to import.
– Simulation Results not updating – Some users were experiencing a scenario where they would make modifications to the mechanical annulus, run a Simulation, and not see updated Results that accurately reflected the modifications. The Simulation tool now updates and displays correct results every time.
– Schmidt-Cassegrain sample issues – Our Schmidt-Cassegrain sample file was having an issue where the material would change upon .ZBD export from OpticsBuilder. It also caused random crashes when importing the sample file into OpticsBuilder. Both issues are now resolved, and the sample file has been updated.
– Optics Manager and Ribbon disabled – If a user removed an inserted optical assembly, the Optics Manager was disappearing, and the top Ribbon menu was grayed out. We have ensured that the Optics Manager remains and only the optics are deleted when removing an optical assembly. We have also ensured that the top Ribbon menu remains active.
– Creo stalls without OpticsBuilder license activated – If a user had installed OpticsBuilder but didn’t have an active OpticsBuilder license, clicking on “About OpticsBuilder” would cause Creo to stall. This issue is now resolved.
– Generate Report window – When opening the Generate Report window, it would hide in the background. The Generate Report window now stays open in the foreground.
– Update OpticsBuilder – In About OpticsBuilder, if a user clicked on “Check for Updates” an error message appeared. The “Check for Updates” button is now functioning correctly.

ISX scattering will be deprecated after 2023 R1 release
The ISX scatter libraries will be removed from OpticsBuilder following the 2023 R1 release, as these libraries rely on obsolete Microsoft components that could potentially introduce IT or security vulnerabilities in the future. New BSDF scatter libraries will be made available in OpticsBuilder in a future release, based on a format that can be easily updated and maintained in a secure manner.

Product:ANSYS Zemax OpticStudio & OpticsBuilder *
Version:2023 R1.00
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.ansys.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows **
Size:6.29 Gb



Homepage: https://www.ansys.com






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