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Aug 28 2022

Altium NEXUS v5.8.2 Build 18 (x64)

Altium NEXUS v5.8.2 Build 18 (x64)


Altium NEXUS v5.8.2 Build 18 (x64) | 2.8 GB | Language: English

Altium NEXUS is an easy to implement, team-based PCB workflow solution designed to provide the transparency needed for engineering teams to collaborate with confidence. Even though Altium NEXUS includes all the various industry leading PCB domain editors required to create a circuit board, its core DNA is enabling design teams to work together.

Design collaboration is enabled through user roles and managed data (library and design), while providing process automation and a framework to configure common electronic design activities and workflows. This provides organizational transparency to design data changes and workflow states through role based notification. By using Altium NEXUS, companies will have the ability to manage their PCB data, improve communication as it relates to multidisciplinary engineering, and configure and automate workflows replacing existing manual processes – resulting in the reduction of design respins and delivery of higher quality products in a shorter period of time.

Altium NEXUS includes server technology to support collaboration, process management, and data management, hosted either on-premise (same as Altium Vault), or cloud (option not available previously) environments. The core schematic and PCB design technology of Altium NEXUS is identical to that of AD18, sharing 100% of the design capabilities – now and always.


Homepage: https://www.altium.com/altium-nexus






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