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Jun 23 2022

AFT xStream v2.0.1100 Build 2022.06.08

AFT xStream v2.0.1100 Build 2022.06.08


AFT xStream v2.0.1100 Build 2022.06.08 | 209 MB | Language: English

AFT xStream is a powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool for high-speed, acoustic transients that occur in steam and gas piping systems. Uncertainty in design and operations costs money and time. Now you can accurately simulate how your steam and gas systems will respond to potentially harmful transient events.

Simulate and Solve Your Challenging Steam and Gas Transient Problems
Accurately simulate high-speed transients in steam and gas piping systems including choked flow conditions
Evaluate overall system response and transient pipe forces after steam and gas turbine trips
Predict transient supply pressures, temperatures and flows to operating gas compressors and turbines when one trips offline
Simulate tank blowdowns and charging, and how long it takes to reach desired pressures
Predict transient pressures and flows due to heat exchanger tube ruptures
Easily change system input data including transient valve positions, compressor operation, control set points, pressures, temperatures and more
Initiate transients based on time or events in the system
Typical Applications
Ensure pressure, temperature and flow extremes are within design allowables
Determine imbalanced pipe forces for sizing structural supports
Troubleshoot existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems.

Homepage: https://www.aft.com/products/xstream






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