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Jul 25 2022

Xentry XDOS and Passthru 12.2021 Up 06.2022 For Older PCs (UPDATED) Disk image

Xentry XDOS and Passthru 12.2021 Up 06.2022 For Older PCs (UPDATED) Disk image


Xentry XDOS and Passthru 12.2021 Up 06.2022 For Older PCs (UPDATED) Disk image | 64.03 GB (Total) | Language: English + Russian

Xentry XDOS & Passthru 12.2021 For Old PCs (Windows 8.1 Ru-Eng)+HHT Native. Disk image.

I am waiting for complaints and criticism, do not be shy
Year/Date of Issue: 07.2022
Version: 12.2021
System requirements: CoreDuo, 2+Gb RAMM, HDD 160Gb
Interface language: English + Russian
Tabletka: missing – joke)))
Description: Xentry XDOS Passthru 12.2012 Update 06.2022. For Old PCs (Windows 8.1 Ru-Eng). Disk image.
OFFLINE-ONLINE MODE, HHTWIN, NTWDMx64 Native mode (Antiviruses do not swear).
Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Build Features:
Windows Embedded 8.1 x64 Industry Pro (Ru-Eng). Other languages ​​need to be downloaded.
Why Win8.1? Like it or not, the interface of Win10/11 is still slow and the appetite for RAM is unkillable.
Activation of the Xentry only through the simulator mode. Switch between SDConnect and Passthru with on-screen buttons.
In principle, a reboot is not required, but it is desirable. I recommend that Russian speakers do not change the language of the operating system, switch the language only in Xentry. Otherwise, you will have to reinstall NTVDMx64. You can find it on the network, remove it from the control panel, install and reboot, and the HHTWIN functionality will be restored. HTTWIN does not work with simple J2534 shoelaces without a multiplexer due to the electromechanical limitations of these shoelaces!!!
Sometimes a message pops up – “you do not have access rights”, this is due to the restriction of the “activator from the disinfector”, it falls out for everyone, and not just in this assembly.
To cure it, run its keyken from the desktop as administrator, agree to install the library and close it. Everything.
Then I’ll build it into the mode switch, just wait for it to work for me again and find out which of the Xentry components restores ..
The system is optimized for weak computers (CoreDuo, 3GB RAM)) without loss of functionality and desecration of the integrity of the distribution.
The OS boots in 15-20 seconds on an SSD. For HDD 30-50 seconds.
The disk will be about 90GB occupied, if you don’t want problems, then a minimum of 140-160GB disk.
If the memory is 3-4GB and you can configure UWF correctly, then you can use a 120GB SSD.
On computers with Core processors (i3, i5, i7) of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation with 8GB of RAM, it generally flies.
6-8GB of RAM will make life much easier, turn off the swap, and soon it will increase and the period for the CSD will be much more.
I recommend using an SSD because the Xentry itself is a very cumbersome tool.
Everything that needed to be disabled or suspended is done.
There is a built-in antivirus MS DEFENDER (off by default) and Firewall. You never know, you want to go online and download something.
If you have your own key for Windows, then use it, if not, then there is KMS in nature – a joke, everything lies in the usual places.
The system was originally installed and optimized on a laptop with a CoreDuo processor, 3GB of RAM and does not contain drivers from anything, so after turning around you may need firewood for your computer and you can be sure that a lot of extra “from the assembler” will not rise.
Drivers can be downloaded via Windows Updates.
You can also remove drivers from Nvidia if you have integrated video, and/or install drivers from AMD video adapter.
The minimum recommended disk size is 160GB. Preferably an SSD because Xentry is very bulky by itself.
MBR (Legacy) bootloader. Be sure to select boot in Legacy bios.
The build is fully functional and completely broken, but it will ask for keys for Xentry because you have different hardware.
I do not distribute keys and keygens, do not ask, but all software is broken, just use any key from free access by requesting it on any thematic forum.
Since the system was prepared for the budget sector with C3, C4 and PassThru, Bosch VCI MT6532 support is present, but the functionality has not been tested.
The image is aimed at experienced users and does not contain any instructions, manuals and other unnecessary information, it is EXCLUSIVELY WORKING.
If you need to screw WIS / ASRA and EPC, it is desirable to have an SSD disk and more than 4 GB of RAM. In principle, it will work without these requirements, but the full system load will increase from seconds to several minutes minutes.



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