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Aug 23 2022

U-Render 2022.8 (x64)

U-Render 2022.8 (x64)


U-Render 2022.8 (x64) | 327 MB | Language: English

High quality real-time renderer software company Seequent has revealed U-Render 2022.08 is the ideal solution for 3D artists and designers in previs, look development and convincing visualizations, in real-time.

U-Render 2022.08 what’s new
Release 2022.8 mainly introduces a new licensing technology, in order to better match the licensing solutions of U-Render’s host applications. This new system behaves much as your host application’s licensing does and so will be more familiar and easier to manage.
U-Render’s new licensing solution is available in a new service pack (SP) of this current release, and all subsequent versions of U-Render. Earlier versions of U-Render will continue to work on the device they are activated on, but their licences will be locked to the current device.
– [Lighting] Disc Area lights showed incorrect light bleeding for diffuse light. Fixed attenuation for disc area lights. (TACH-3058)
– [NPR] Fixed a bug where lines would sometimes have gaps in form of rectangular patches. (TACH-3050)
– Fixed a bug that caused transparent objects to stop working when a volume object was rendered in the same scene. (TACH-3048)
– Fixed direction of motion blur being incorrect in some cases. (TACH-3035)
– Fixed a bug where the focal length used for depth of field would be a lot higher than specified in the camera settings. When loading scenes saved with affected versions of U-Render, the f-stop of the camera is automatically adjusted to approximately match the previous look. (TACH-2975)
Cinema 4D Plug-in
– Fixed crash when rendering to Picture-Viewer with U-Render immediately after C4D was started / scene was loaded (without starting the U-Render Viewport first) (TACH-3040)
High Quality Realtime Rendering for Design, Animation and VisualizationU-RENDERis based on the latest advancements in realtime rendering and integrates into traditional rendering pipelines. Achieving high quality rendering results in milliseconds, U-RENDER is the ideal solution for look development, design ideation and creative experimentation. It provides stunning results that can be used to accelerate the creative process, delivering high quality results suitable as final image. U-RENDER helps to dramatically reduce iteration times and allows for cost savings in both hardware investments and energy consumption.
U-Render – Real Time Render Engine For Cinema 4D – Basic Introduction
Headquartered in Klagenfurt,U-RENDER visual technology GmbHis the developer of U-RENDER, a high quality real-time renderer for design, animation and visualization.

Version:2022.08.06-82591145c (Includes plug-ins for Cinema 4D Version R20 to R26.)
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :


Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:327.2 mb


Homepage: https://u-render.com/






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