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Jul 22 2022

Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2021.2.1 (x64)

Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2021.2.1 (x64)


Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2021.2.1 (x64) | 1.09 GB | Language: English

The Altair Engineering development team is pleased to announce the availability of hotfix for HyperWorks Solvers 2021.2.1. Hot fixes address software issues uncovered by customer applications.

Altair OptiStruct 2021.2.1 Release Notes
Resolved Issues
– For spot weld fatigue, the damage results on sheet-1 are now correct.
– Multi-Model Optimization job for Topology or Free-size as design variables does not terminate abruptly.
– When the volumetric test data (TABD) is used for Marlow material, inaccuracy in results no longer occurs.
– Reaction force (SPCF) at the independent node of RBE2 or RBODY is no longer incorrect with Explicit Analysis.
– Stress output with PEAKOUT is no longer missing in .h3d file.
– Random response stress results are now correct in case only RMS stress is requested (no PSD stress) and there are multiple RANDOM subcases.
– The crash caused by the license related option -licwait is now fixed.
– The following programming error no longer occurs at the end of random response calculation:
in file “dsetio-inc.h”, at location # 228.
ERROR dаta: psdstress 31 0 44625120 0 44625120
– Authentication issue when using Hosted Altair Units (HAU).
Altair Radioss 2021.2.1 Release Notes
Enhancements Missing in 2021.2 Release Notes
Elements and Properties
New flags Ismstr=-1, Ithick=-1, Iplas=-1 added to automatically get the best possible formulation according to the shell element formulation and the material law. These flags are also available in the default shell card (/DEF_SHELL) with the value -1 or -2.
Resolved Issues
LS-DYNA Reader
– Initial velocity *INITIAL_VELOCITY applied on a rigid material or rigid body is now automatically applied on the rigid body main node also.
– The set of elements was not defined in several options in cases where the set ID was the same as the set of nodes.
Contact Interface
– The new option Tdelay (Inacti=-1) in the contact interface /INTER/TYPE24 was not working as expected due to a memory initialization issue.
– Correction of friction value initialization to avoid memory issue in the contact interface /INTER/TYPE25.
– Correction for the sorting of the edge to edge contact with initial penetrations in the contact interface /INTER/TYPE25. The computation may fail with segmentation fault for specific cases.
– Correction of compiling issue for the contact interface /INTER/TYPE25 with recent Xeon CPU (AVX512 capable). Radioss engine may fail for specific models.
Input and Output State Data and Files
– The first character of some comment lines was “#” instead of “$” in file generated by the option /DYNAIN.
– Correction of memory initialization issue for creation of lines and surfaces with the general set /SET.
– Robustness improvement in case an element defined in a /SET does not exist in the model.
Element and Properties
– Correction of variable initialization issue for QEPH shell element with composite material /MAT/LAW25. Computation was failing with segmentation fault with specific models.
– Improvement of the cohesive material /MAT/LAW116 behavior for the mixed mode condition. The failure behavior was not happening at the correct displacement/absorbed energy.
– Correction of variable initialization for the composite property /PROP/TYPE17. The behavior was not correct with Ipos >0 and Iskew >0.
Other Corrections
– Correction of memory allocation issue when using rotational initial velocity in a model which contains only solid elements. Radioss starter was failing.
– Authentication issue when using Hosted Altair Units (HAU).
Altair MotionSolve 2021.2.1 Release Notes
Resolved Issues
– Bearing Elements from MSolve API Statements reference missing *.pyc files.
– Authentication issue when using Hosted Altair Units (HAU).
Altair Multiscale Designer 2021.2.1 Release Notes
Resolved Issue
– Issue related to HyperMesh Tcl/Tk script errors associated with some Unit Cell models.
– Authentication issue when using Hosted Altair Units (HAU).
Altair HyperXtrude 2021.2.1 Release Notes
Enhancements – Binder Jet Sintering
Coulomb Friction Model for Sintering
A new friction model named “SinterCoulomb” models the friction at contact surfaces. The friction coefficient takes values between 0.0 and 1.0. The value 0.0 implies there is a full slip at the contact and the value 1.0 implies that there is a full stick at the contact. Any value specified between 0.00 and 1.0 indicates sliding friction. The recommended default is 0.3.
Consistency in Displacement Results
The sintering deviation results show the deviation of the sintered shape to the desired part shape. The displacement result shows the difference with respect to the initial scaled part. If the part scaling is set to 1.0, these two results are identical. This consistency between these two results was implemented in this release.
Export Sintered and Compensated Shapes in STL Format
In addition to exporting the compensated initial part shape in STL format, the solver exports the sintered shape after each compensation iteration in STL format. If you perform only a shrinkage analysis, this result is written at the end of the analysis.
Time to Write the H3D File and H3D File Size Reduction
The solver was taking more time to export the mesh to the H3D file. This was due to the assumption that each part component can have a mixed mesh of different element types. This assumption also resulted in a larger H3D file size. This scenario does not happen in Sintering models. The solver now assumes that each part contains elements of one type (such as TET4).
Resolved Issue – General
Solver Error Due to BCs with Mixed Element Types
The solver implemented a new feature to avoid writing H3D files in both SI and User units. This inadvertently introduced an issue of not supporting BC surface meshes with both TRIA3 and QUAD4 elements. This was leading to solver error exit. This issue affected both metal and polymer extrusion.
Consistency in Displacement Results
The displacement results exported in the H3D file were same as the sintering deviation results. The sintering deviation results show the deviation of the sintered shape to the desired part shape. The displacement result shows the difference with respect to the initial scaled part. This consistency between these two results was implemented in this release.
– Authentication issue when using Hosted Altair Units (HAU).
Resolved Issue – Metal Extrusion
Solver Crashes While Estimating Choke from Bearing Reference Surface (BRS)
The metal extrusion solver was enhanced to determine the choke angle on the bearing surface using a BRS mesh. This feature was crashing when the surface provided did not extend past the bearing curve region.

Altair HyperWorksoffers solutions for all engineers – from model-based systems design and early geometry ideation, to detailed multiphysics simulation and optimization. HyperWorks enables simulation driven design, with the physics-based design solutions to deliver the complex products your customers demand. Altair has been the industry leader for generative design software for over two decades. HyperWorks optimizes structures, mechanisms, composites and additive manufactured parts. Regardless of how your product is produced, HyperWorks can enhance creativity by proposing designs that are as manufacturable as they are efficient and innovative.
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Altair Hyperworks 2021
Altair is a global technology companythat provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.
Product:Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers
Version:2021.2.1 Update Only
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Software Prerequisites:Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2021.2.1 (link bellow)
Size:1.1 Gb



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