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Aug 22 2022

Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD v5.5 Build 427 (x64)

Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD v5.5 Build 427 (x64)


Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD v5.5 Build 427 (x64) | 317 MB | Language: English

The Advanced Logic Technology product team is pleased to announce the availability of WellCAD 5.5 is loaded with new features and enhancements to assist with the processing and interpretation of borehole data.

What’s new in WellCAD 5.5

Linear Structure Picking (ISI module)
Linear structures or lineations are penetrative linear elements within a rock and can be compared to a vector intersecting the borehole cylinder. The origins of lineations can be complex and may be caused by recrystallization, dissolution or rotation of minerals (Mineral Lineations) or may be produced by deformation or intersection of planar structures (Geometric Lineations such as a fold axis).
The new Lineation Log allows interactive picking the orientation, presentation, and classification of linear structure features.

Cement Bond Index and Compressive Strength Process(Basic module)
Two new processes are available as part of the Full Waveform Sonic (FWS) processing add-on. The Cement Bond Index is derived by comparing the signal attenuation in partially cemented zones and intervals of good cementation while the Compressive Strength of bonded cement for a specific casing type can be estimated from the amplitude of the first casing arrival.

WellCADis a modular processing and interpretation package for borehole logs. The software permits the user to process on a well by well basis, making it quick and simple to combine and compare logs recorded by multiple probes. The software also boasts a large suit of processing and analysis tools for calculating specific rock properties or correcting data.
RG HiRAT Processing with WELLCAD Part 1 – First Report
RG HiRAT Processing with WELLCAD Part 2 – Using Templates
Founded in 1993,Advanced Logic Technology- known globally as ALT – is recognized as a leading provider of slim-hole imaging instrumentation like the ABI (acoustic) and OBI (optical) lines of televiewers, high-end Matrix and Opal data logging systems, the MX line of rugged, reliable winches, and high-tech probes engineered for demanding subsurface investigations.

Product:Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD
Version:5.5 Build 427
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.alt.lu
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:317.7 mb


Homepage: https://www.alt.lu






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